WWPAPR Special Spray Gun For Woodworking& Sheet metal

The WWP HVLP/APR Spray gun, using middle pressure and middle volume, compact, lightweight, several types can be chosen. Sid cup, low cup, or pressure products, all types required by VOCs directive.

Additional information

Item No.


Nozzle Size

1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm

Operating Pressure

2.0Bar/29Psi, 2.2Bar/ 32Psi, 2.5Bar/36Psi

Air Consumption

290-430L/min (10.2-15CFM)

Spraying Distance

160-180mm (6.29-7.09Inch)

Capacity of Cup


Width of Spray

180-290mm (7.09-11.42Inch)

Net Weight(only gun)


Product Details:

  • Versatile Design: Side cup spray gun particularly for carpentry, pressure one, can be used with a low cup or diaphragm pump.
  • Fine Raw Materials: Forged aluminum gun body, special brass air cap, A-class stainless steel nozzle&neddle, high-end imported plastic paint cup.
  • Long Service life: Excellent sealing material, coated interior, corrosion resistance, no distortion.
  • Easy to Clean&Maintian: Anodized or titanium electrophoresis plated gun surface, the coarse-pitch thread of air cap structure for easy detaching and assembling.
  • Air inlet in 360° swivel design
  • Professional After-sale Service: Each Spray gun is marked with exclusive numbers, easier to track the issues. Experienced exporters are ready to help you.

Product Features:

  1. The WWP HVLP/APR Spray gun has 2 types. Side cup one is usually for woodworking, Pressure low cup spray gun is for the sheet metal painting.
  2. With low pressure and high volume(middle volume for APR series ) control technique, resulting in its rapid spraying, less rebound,high-efficiency painting, suitable for paint film in thickness, as well as perfect coating effect. 
  3. Atomizing under the middle or low pressure contributes to the wettability of the paint film and a more uniform coating in grooves, corners, and other parts, reducing the problem of oil accumulation and foaming. Especially in the construction of water-based paint two-component products, the “picky heat” problem is greatly improved, making it obtain excellent paint film surface effect.

Product Part Includes:

  • The WWP HVLP/APR Spray Gun with selected nozzle
  • 400ml Stainless steel for side cup; 1000ml no-drip cup for suction-feed (Optional, Pressure type without cup)
  • Service Tools: Multi-function spanner, hex wrench, quick male coupling, paint cup filter, clip for air distribution ring,cleaning brush
  • Multi-language instruction
  • After-sale service card

Suitable Areas of Application:

Car Refinish

Carpentry Paint

Yacht & Boat Building

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