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Do you have a mini spray gun for your painting?

Not all spray guns are the same size. Some paint guns are heavy and used for large surfaces, with acceptable atomization performance, while others are smaller and lightweight, used for small objects or spot refinishing. 

Today we will talk about some things about mini spray guns.


What is the mini spray gun?

The mini spray gun tells a small body and is lightweight. The nozzle size range between 0.5mm and 1.0mm, and 0.8mm is the standard size. Also, It requires less air pressure and can be considered an LVLP-type spray gun. 

For different purposes, mini spray guns can be divided into two classes.

  • Industrial mini spray gun

The industrial mini spray gun is mainly used in shoe, toy, plastic, and other industrial factories for small area glue spraying or coloring. Generally, there are two air caps to choose from, round and fan-shaped. Required wear resistance and corrosion prevention to meet the industrial painting. But the atomization requirement is not so high. The smaller nozzle takes more time and cost to machine.

Here’re two types of mini spray guns for industrial- R2 series


  1. The needle & nozzle are made of high-grade stainless steel
  2. With 150ml side paint cup, Suitable for different angles of spraying
  3. Good quality and excellent performance 
  • Automotive mini spray gun

The automotive mini spray gun is designed for small parts refinishing, like scratches and accessories. Unlike industrial mini guns, automotive mini guns have higher requirements for atomization and are supplied to high-end automotive centers, automotive factories, etc.

The most critical features of an automotive mini spray gun are saving paint, high atomization, and good handling. It differs from general spray guns, which must be paired with a large air compressor and increased consumption. The air consumption of the mini repair gun is minimal, within 6 CFM, which allows precise control of the fluid output and reduces overspray.

EFC-S is our top-rated spray gun for automotive painting. 

  1. Forged aluminum made, nozzle needle and the fluid passage made of ss 
  2. Fine atomization, spray width can reach 140mm
  3. Save 50% on paint 

There are many options for mini guns on the market, so customers choose the right one according to their spraying target and budget.

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