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Do you watch short videos and buy things on TIKTOK?

Hey, did you sign up for Tik Tok too? More and more merchants are getting into short video platforms, and most of them want to use it to get more sales, just like we watched TV shopping before.


Does it make sense for our factory to go live? Yes, it is significant. But, not for sales. We show our expertise and process to our dealers and help them answer our customers’ product questions. So on November 19, we had a live broadcast on TikTok.

We have paid great attention to this live broadcast first, so we have invited our founder and technical director, Mr. Xiang Weidong to introduce. Displayed with the EFC series in the design concept, technical features, after-sales maintenance, dealer strategy, and other issues one by one, the scene is hot.

Here is a summary of the 5 main features of this gun. If you are interested, please read more.

  1. Versatility – Our products are currently available in two atomization technologies APR (Air Pressure Reduced) and HVLP(High Volume Low Pressure), with 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, and 1.6mm nozzle sizes, suitable for repairing, topcoat, basecoat, and primer, any water-based paints.
  2. Lightness – Special needle valve integrated structure to reduce weight; combined with our precise process to ensure the smoothness of the whole gun, there will be no needle jamming, unable to rebound phenomenon.
  3. Sealing – Whether it’s a valve, a needle plug, or adjustment sets. Different from other factories, we use imported anti-corrosion and wear-resistant seals. Extend the life and stability of the product.
  4. Details Update: The trigger adopts the screw fastening method, which is more convenient to disassemble than the traditional snap type. The fluid inlet adopts the patented stainless steel connector, which is anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, and if the threads wear out due to long-term use, the replacement connector can be used without changing the whole gun.
  5. Professionalism – Unlike other guns with built-in distribution rings, this product uses an external distribution ring with an aluminum-made that is easy to disassemble and can be customized to change airflow and air passage.

In addition to answering the question about custom products, on this point, many buyers may feel that we only change the logo on the product, color, talk about what professional customization. But, as long as you have your ideas or samples, there is market demand, whether to change the atomization distribution and shapes, we can help you achieve.

Finally, this is our first live broadcast. The purpose is to give our dealers a deep understanding of our products and make them with quality and professionalism to attract those buyers interested in us. Many factories in mainland China do spray guns. They are cheap and huge, but some factories are working on producing quality, compared with international brands in silent efforts.

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