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How to classify air spray guns?

There are many types of spray guns on the market today, do you know what are the common ways to classify them?

1. Type of use:

  • Manual spray gun, which is the most popular type, depending on the painter’s habits and the volume of spraying, the upper cup, side cup, and lower cup can be chosen.
W-101S spray gun
WOLTER W-101S Siphon spray gun
  • Automatic spray guns are widely used in industrial manufacturing. Lightweight, compact size, suitable for multiple manipulations. It is available to change the nozzle size of the gun. According to the different industrial requirements to achieve the desired color and paint effect, even spraying kinds of glue.
WOLTER-ST-6 Automatic spray gun
WOLTER-ST-6 Automatic spray gun

2.Type of feeding

  • Gravity feed type(corresponding to an upper pot or side pot) Working principle: The paint is sprayed out through the gravity of itself and the negative pressure (what is the negative pressure? -See Venturi effect) generated at the front of the tip of the nozzle. Under the same spraying conditions, the volume of paint sprayed is larger than the siphon type, which is suitable for spraying work with less paint material and frequent color change.
  • Siphon feed type (corresponding to the lower pot) is using the high-speed flow of compressed air to generate negative pressure at the front of the tip of the nozzle, thus generating suction to draw the paint out of the pot, and the atomization effect will be better than gravity type under the same conditions.
  • Pressure feed type, which feeds the gun by pressurizing the coatings. Generally used for higher viscosity coatings, high volume, and large-area applications.

3.Type of function

  • For Primer

Primer spraying requires good filler, and the filler mainly relies on the central wet area to complete, so stretching and expanding the central area will be required. Meanwhile, it has the features of thick film, good coverage, large and uniform paint output. (Such as Wolter W-77 spray gun)

  • For Topcoat

Topcoat mainly plays the role of coloring and varnishing. Uniform coloring requires the central wetting area and the atomization area, to be moderately distributed. At the same time need fine atomization, thin-film, good gloss, easy to dry (Recommend Wolter W-101, W-71 spray guns)

  • For Repair

Smart repair spray gun, which is used for repair after spraying, is also used in light crafts, minor ornaments, art painting, etc.( Wolter R2-R/R2-F are avaliable. )

  • For Specialized

Specialized spray guns are mostly applied to outside wall decoration. Such as water-in-water, special coatings materials.

4.By automization method (Volume&Pressure) 

  • Conventional spray guns with high volume and high pressure. As an example, Wolter W-77 air consumption is about 320l/min (11.3CFM), inlet pressure is 3.5-6 Bar(56.76-87.02psi), actual air pressure emitted from the atomization cap is 3-10 Bar (43.51-145.04psi), transfer efficiency is 25%-45%.
  • HVLP spray gun with high volume and low pressure. air consumption is about 430l/min (15.19CFM), inlet pressure is 2-2.2 Bar(29-32psi), actual air pressure emitted from the atomization cap is 0.7 Bar (10.15psi), transfer efficiency over 65%
  • APR spray gun with middle volume and middle-pressure, air consumption is about 290l/min (10.24CFM), inlet pressure is 2.5 Bar(36.26psi), actual air pressure emitted from the atomization cap is1.8-2 Bar (26-29psi), transfer efficiency over 65%

There are so many ways to classify spray guns. But when you choose a gun, the most important thing is to choose the right gun according to your habits and desired spraying effect.

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