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How to test fluid consumption by yourselves

When customers purchase spray guns from us, we guarantee excellent atomization performance and emphasize the high efficiency and paint saving they can have. So we conducted a fluid consumption test with several of our existing car refinishing spray guns.

What is the fluid consumption test?

Test the flow rate of different guns in 2 minutes with the same viscosity and air pressure. Calculate the average paint consumption in one minute by observing the remaining paint before and after.

How to take this test?

Test fluid

Pour the adjusted test oil into a 600ml disposable paint cup, choose spray guns of the same nozzle size (1.3mm) and different models, and fully open the fan adjustment set and fluid adjustment set at an inlet pressure of 2Bar. Pull the trigger and start timing until the end of 2 minutes. Open the paint cup, sum up the remaining paint in the gun and the paint on the cup wall, and calculate the difference before and after to get the fluid consumption per minute.

Then, you can test with different nozzles and viscosity fluids to derive the actual paint consumption of the same gun for comparison. 

This method is simple, and you can test it with available tools. But 2 points need to be noted.

  1. The spray gun must be connected to the air pressure regulator at the end to prevent the air pressure from dropping when testing. It will affect the test results.
  2. When selecting the air pressure, you need to confirm that the atomization of the gun is best at that air pressure. Otherwise, this test is meaningless.
Spray Performance

Many factors affect fluid consumption, such as air pressure, viscosity, temperature, gun construction, processing accuracy, etc. This test aims to give the customer a visual understanding of the variation in paint consumption with different guns. However, this is not absolute because in the actual spraying process, no one will always spray at the maximum flow rate for more than 2 minutes, and the results will be different for each type of paint with different ratios.

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