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Paint Cups maybe influence your purchasing decisions!

When Buys purchasing manual spray guns or paint spray systems, they need to consider the purpose of their customers, how they buy it for home DIY or professional works, either with a cup or pressure pot. It is hugely significant to decide how many quantities or types to preorder and plan for the next sale.

Our manufacturer offers you a choice between the upper cup(gravity-fed), lower cup (siphon or suction fed), or pressure fed for spray guns, depending on your particular needs.

Firstly, please could you know the difference of raw materials.

Materials of the paint cup

Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic paint cups

Aluminum:  The aluminum paint cup has been used for a long time because it is lightweight, easy to process, and lower cast, so it is often adapted to siphon spray guns with large capacity.

Stainless Steel: The corrosion resistance of stainless steel makes the cup and the paint not easily deformed after long-term contact. And drop resistance gun, even if dropped on the ground, will not break.

Plastic: Plastic paint cup is regular type, and the commonly used raw materials are ABS and POM, which look the same on the surface, but in fact, POM is more resistant to falling and corrosion than ABS.

Transparent Plastic: Unlike conventional paint cups, just the container, it’s a combination paint system, with liner, lid, stooper, outer cup, and collar. This set is an essential advantage because waste occurs whenever a user transfers paint through mixing cups and filters. But it’s a disposable subject, not sustainable for the environment.

Type of Paint Cup

  • Upper Cup

The upper pot is usually divided into the positive and the side cups. The auto refinishing gun is mostly the positive paint cup, and the side cup is often used in the industrial spray gun. There is a 400-600ml capacity for the selected.

EFC spraygun with regulator
EFC Apr spray gun with plastic 600ml

Why choose the upper cup? Choose the upper cup for these reasons:

1. The spraying area of small parts, with the upper cup, means the gravity gun, less air consumption than the lower cup, and a large spraying pattern.

2.Easy to change or add paint, just put it on the shelf and open the cup’s lid. However, there are disadvantages, such as small capacity, not being suitable for large area spraying, frequent addition of paint, reducing work efficiency. Put it alone without a bracket, and the liquid is easy to pour out.

  • Lower Cup

The bottom cup, usually made of aluminum, has a larger capacity than the upper cup, with 600-1000ml capacity. It is easy to place and does not need a shelf, so that’s the reason to choose this type of spray gun. But siphon guns require more air consumption than gravity ones, sucking paint out of the cup.

WOLTER-W-77-S siphon spray gun
WOLTER-W-77-S Siphon Spray Gun with 1000ml Aluminum

Our comments on these two types of the spray gun

According to our 13 years of experience in the field of spray guns, the mainstream market is currently dominated by gravity-based spray guns, so the demand for the upper cup than the lower cup is enormous. So You consider purchasing a gravity-fed spray gun with the extra lower cup. When purchasing only a paint cup, you also need to pay attention to the type of inlet with the paint cup, such as G1/4, 3/8, NPT, and other sizes, so as not to mismatch the subsequent trouble.

Upper cup with G1/4” inlet

In addition to the above two types of spray guns, in the case of large-area spraying operations, you can use a pressure-fed spray gun. This type of gun can improve the efficiency of the process. While the viscosity requirements of the paint are lower than the other, but the air consumption is relatively high.

For more information or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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