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Product Details- Ergonomic design of spray guns

We put the practicability in the first stage of the spray gun as a painting tool. In addition to considering the spraying performance, it also needs to consider the ergonomic of whole guns in the structure. After all, professional painters have sprayed each day!

All details in the product

Today we’ll talk about which designs on the spray gun need to take complete account of ergonomics.

Design of the gun body- Shape & Weight

The gun body is generally made of aluminum alloy, which is relatively light, and the whole gun is under 500g. Because painters need a long time for spraying operation, if the spray gun is too heavy, it will increase fatigue and reduce the working efficiency. In appearance, consider the beauty of the same while lowering unnecessary design—especially the handle part, not too short or too wide.

Design of the trigger- Key of spray handling

The trigger is the switch that controls the gun’s working, and painters need to pull the trigger firmly and release it while spraying. This process will feel so tiring once they are working a long time. Therefore, the length and size of the trigger and the design of the fixed parts are critical. When designing the unique trigger, we have deeply considered the distance, especially in the tight grip. After numerous tests and modifications, the distance from the palm to the trigger. This is an ergonomic design.

The ergonomic design of spray guns

Design of the adjustment knobs – Frequently using

The spray gun has three adjustment sets used to adjust the air, fluid, and spray pattern. A skilled painter can adjust this air and volume of liquid to achieve the best performance. Each gun must be adjusted precisely before use, so the frequency of adjustment sets will be higher. In the selection of materials and appearance, the exterior of the adjustment knob will commonly be plated for wear and corrosion resistance. Also, in appearance, the painter can easily control the airflow, paint, and pattern with coarse thread and a positioning device with knobs.

As a professional manufacturer of spray guns, we design each part or component with the customer’s experience in mind, after extensive testing, factory mechanical testing, and professional painter practical testing to determine if the design is perfect. We treat the gun as an art, which is what we consider to be a technical factory.

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