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What’s the low-pressure spray gun

Definition of Low-Pressure Spray Gun

The low-pressure spray gun is also called an eco-friendly spray gun. It has the advantages of low pressure at the air inlet, soft bounce, paint saving, and can reduce the harm to the environment and human body. If we elaborate from a theoretical point of view, the air pressure generated by the head of the gun is generally 0.7-2.0 bar. We can call it a low-pressure spray gun.

Classification of low-pressure spray guns

  • HVLP: High volume low pressure atomizing technique. There are two types of HVLP. One is connected with an air compressor, and another is with a turbine unit. 
  • LVLP: Low volume low pressure atomizing technique
  • The difference between HVLP and LVLP: 

HVLP needs more air consumption than LVLP and requires enormous air compressor power than LVLP, but it saves more paint; LVLP has better spraying speed and atomization than HVLP, but the air pressure is required under the same conditions is higher than HVLP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray_painting


  • Less overspray, high transfer efficiency
  • Less harmful to the environment and human beings
  • Save paint and cost

The inlet air pressure is less than 2.5Bar. The air pressure generated by the nozzle mouth is around 0.7bar, so the paint bounce is reduced when sprayed. Not accessible to overspray, the impact on the surrounding environment and painter is relatively tiny. And the same volume of paint and a low-pressure spray gun to spray, the painting transfer efficiency can achieve 65%, significantly reducing the waste of paint and saving costs.


  • Required thin materials
  • Spraying speed not fast

The low-pressure gun requires viscosity for the paint. You have to add a certain amount of thinner into the materials to reduce the thickness and then start working. It is suitable for low viscosity paints such as varnishes, clearcoats, etc. At the same time, compared to the high-pressure spray gun atomization fineness and high efficiency, the low-pressure spray gun spraying speed is not fast, but the performance is the finest.

Machining For Gunbody

Some perspectives as a Chinese manufacturer of professional spray guns

There is a wide variety of low-pressure guns on the market today, with a wide range of prices. Especially the HVLP type, prices range from a few dozen dollars to several hundred dollars. But consumers need to choose from their own spraying needs and budget. But in addition to the popularity of low-pressure guns, medium-pressure guns are gradually beginning to take over the market. It inherits the high performance, fine atomization particles, and low dispersion of the high-pressure gun.

The advantages of the gun while speeding up work efficiency and reducing air pollution. As we think, the perfect combination of all the benefits requires improved production processes and design requirements for the product. With the worldwide demand for environmental pollution, this reduced air pressure gun will gradually become mainstream.

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