Why should you choose the HTE spray guns?

What are the HTE spray guns?

High Transfer Efficiency (HTE) spray guns are a type of spray gun designed to optimize the transfer efficiency of paint during the coating process. These spray guns are engineered to deliver a high percentage of paint onto the target surface, reducing overspray and minimizing paint waste.HTE spray guns achieve this through various design features and technology advancements that enhance the atomization and delivery of paint particles.

What are the features of HTE spray guns?

  1. Advanced Atomization Technology: HTE spray guns often utilize advanced atomization techniques to break down paint particles into smaller, more uniform droplets. This allows for better coverage and adhesion to the target surface.
  2. Optimized Air Pressure and Volume: HTE spray guns are typically designed to operate at optimal air pressure and volume settings, ensuring that the right amount of air is delivered to atomize the paint effectively without causing excessive overspray.
  3. Efficient Paint Delivery Systems: These spray guns may incorporate efficient paint delivery systems that ensure a consistent flow of paint to the nozzle, reducing interruptions and providing smooth, even coverage.
  4. Adjustable Spray Patterns: Many HTE spray guns offer adjustable spray patterns, allowing painters to tailor the spray pattern to the specific requirements of the job. This flexibility enhances precision and control during the coating process.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Comfort and ease of use are also important considerations in the design of HTE spray guns. These spray guns may feature ergonomic handles and lightweight construction to reduce operator fatigue during extended painting sessions.

Which model of HTE Spray guns from Porphis?

Even though most spray guns meet the HTE standards, ensuring a transfer efficiency of 65%, high paint utilization, and minimal overspray is crucial. However,  our flagship PHS-155 spray gun evidently has unique qualities, worth further exploration.

Features of PHS-155

  • Outstanding Performance: The PHS-155 spray gun boasts exceptional spraying performance, including uniform atomization, precise spraying control, and efficient paint utilization over 70%.
  •  Innovative Design: The PHS-155 features innovative design concepts tailored to meet the specific needs of certain industries or applications. Unique nozzle structure with mechanical seal, no plastic bottom, reducing the maintenance costs. 
  •  Reliable Quality:  The PHS-155 spray gun offers reliable quality and durability, the nozzle, needle, and trigger are made of high-standard stainless steel,  capable of stable operation in various environments and conditions. 

Overall, HTE spray guns are ideal for applications where maximizing paint transfer efficiency, minimizing waste, and achieving high-quality finishes are priorities. They are commonly used in automotive refinishing, industrial coatings, furniture finishing, and other painting applications where efficiency and precision are paramount.

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