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Why would you need to buy a $100+ spray gun?

Maybe your end customer is always saying, your paint gun is overpriced! I can buy it on Amazon for $50 or even less. Why should I buy yours?

First, you need to be clear: Are you buying this gun for long-term or temporary use? Professional painters need to buy a good spray gun that can do the job more efficiently and perfectly; that $100+ gun is not too expensive. However, if you are a DIYer, buying a gun for a one-time application or spraying very few times, a gun under $50 is sufficient.

So what are the apparent differences between professional and low-budget spray guns?

comparison for spray guns
Comperasion for professioanl & low-budget spray guns
  • Appearance

Professional spray guns pay more attention to the texture of the gun’s surface, corrosion resistance, and resistance to fall. Different materials of the gun body will affect the prices. Most low-cost guns use die-cast aluminum for the body. It always requires a surface decorated with electroplating or electrophoresis. But this surface treatment, after a period of use, will cause peeling and fading. The high-end professional gun, most of the forged gun body, is mainly surface anodized, more advanced in texture, and long-term use is not easy to lose color.

  • Performance

Atomization is the key to distinguishing a professional spray gun. We can look at the atomization particles, the spray width length, the paint efficiency rate, and the overspray area. A cheap spray gun can do general work, such as changing the color of cabinets and painting fences. But a professional spray gun is necessary if you need a glass surface, efficient and paint-saving work, such as automotive painting.

  • Maintenance

Carefully maintaining will make tools for a long time to use. But this does not include some of the cheaper guns. Price limits them to using better seals and gaskets. More customers who purchase a cheap gun don’t even consider maintaining it. They throw it away when it breaks. Professional high-quality spray guns can last 5-10 years by replacing worn parts and keeping them carefully. And maintenance costs are also meager.

  • Warranty

Don’t talk to a cheap gun about after-sales service. When you choose it, it means it’s a one-time product. On the other hand, a professional gun comes with a 12-month warranty. You can talk anything about spray guns with an after-service person. They can offer free suggestions for you. of course, this 12-month warranty doesn’t include damage by man and does not include wearing parts replacement. 

  • Value for money

Let’s do a little math. You know, the Chinese are the best at doing math! If you buy a $300 gun and maintain it regularly and carefully, you can use it for ten years. Even if you replace the spare parts every year at an additional cost of $100, the gun will only cost you $40 per year. But you could enjoy a smooth spraying operation and save time at once.

Talk to us if you have a low-budget client who needs a high-quality professional gun!

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