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7 Tips About Operating The HVLP/APR Spray Gun

The desired spraying performance is mainly composed of the spraying skills, a reasonable coating environment, a stable air supply system and material supply as well as a high-quality spray gun. 7 tips to ensure you can achieve your free spraying target quickly and effectively.

1.Recommended Gun Inlet Pressure

Before using the gun, carefully read the recommended air inlet pressure in the instruction manual.HVLP spray gun has an inlet air pressure of 2.0 bar and an APR of 2.0-2.5 bar. Please note that the air pressure here refers to the air pressure gauge at the inlet of the spray gun when the gun is being sprayed.

2.Spraying Distance

Each gun has a different spraying distance. The HVLP spray gun is 140-180mm, an APR sprayer is 170-220mm. So for the first time, you should prepare a clean white paper, shoot a spray pattern at the exact same distance on it, which you’ll use when you spay the car. Use a ruler to make sure. 

3.Adjustment The Knobs

You can achieve any effect you want by adjusting the airflow, paint, and width adjustment knobs, decrease clockwise, increase counterclockwise. If there is any confusion, you can look at the symbols on the body of the gun.

4.Spraying Pace  

When spraying, the gun and spraying parts to maintain a reasonable vertical distance, evenly reciprocating to do the orbital translation.

5.Spraying Angle

When spraying, the gun and the sprayed parts should maintain a reasonable 90° vertical angle. 

6.Overlap Rate

The most important thing for a painter is uniform pattern overlap when spraying. As for the APR spray gun is about 50% overlap of the next gun pass to the previous pass, an HVLP spray gun should be maintained 75%, that’s will make for coverage in fewer coats, and easily control the thickness of films.

7.Spraying Speed 

According to the actual situation, it will be better in 30-50 seconds. 

No matter what kind of spray gun you use, please remember these 7 tips, spraying work will be more smooth.

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