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What is an APR Spray Gun?

APR Spray gun

There are several different types of spray guns. You may familiar with the conventional spray gun, HVLP spray gun, or LVLP spray gun. Each with different pros and cons. Today I’d like to recommend a new type of spray gun, we designed to meet the requirement for professional painter or DIYer.

What does APR stand for?

APR stands for middle volume middle pressure. With middle volume 10.2CFM, air inlet pressure is 32Psi, though the air passage, broken into the air cap, the pressure is reduced to 26Psi.

What’s the difference?

Air pressure

Compared to HVLP or conventional spray gun, the operating pressure is 29 Psi, air consumption is about 10.2CFM, which means you just get away with using a smaller compressor if you have a tight budget.

Economical Issue

With middle flow and middle pressure, that can reduce the overspray, saving the coating materials.

Increase the productivity

The transfer efficiency is similar to HVLP, but the application time can be reduced by 30%-40%, consistent performance regardless of the time of day or season.

Environment and safety

The high pressures of conventional spray guns emission much pollution. APR spray guns have much less overspray, meaning that they release fewer hazardous materials, required by VOCs demand.

What products do we apply the APR technology?

We apply this technology in the car paint spray gun series, as the car refinishing industry has a very exacting requirement with coating viscidity, painting patten, overspray, work efficiency, etc.

HVLP or Conventional spray guns are often popular in the market. We find a different one, which combines with the advantages. Do you have any interest to use it?

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