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Can oil-based paint guns spray water-based paint?

Yes, but there will be an impact on the life of the spray gun and spare parts. We want to recommend purchasing a professional waterborne paint spray gun for the waterborne paint; however, if you have a waterborne paint spray gun that can spray oil-based paint, indeed. 

Why do we emphasize that our guns are dual-purpose, for oil- and water-based paint?

Because various spray guns can save time and efficiency and paint and money, the traditional spray paint market, such as the wood painting industry, still uses the oil-based paint because it is cheap, accepted, and famous is higher. Water-based paint will be mainstream materials in the file of paints in the future due to the safety and performance will be much better than the oil-based paint. The most important thing is that it meets the standard of VOCs while focusing on the spraying effect, significantly reducing the harm to the environment and painter’s body, and will be more quickly accepted and recognized by the market. But it still has more time to switch from solvent-based to water-based. Not all paint varieties with water-based paint, such as conventional primer, still need to use solvent-based paint.

Why do we recommend using a professional waterborne paint spray gun?

Professional and discerning buyers, mainly high-end paint factories, have strict requirements for spraying results, atomization particles, paint conversion, etc. This must be achieved with a professional waterborne spray gun. 

What are the differences between a dedicated water-based paint gun and an oil-based paint gun?

SS fluid channel
  • Different materials in the fluid channel

Water-based paint spray guns must be made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as paint channels because water-based paint will cause severe corrosion for a long time.

  • High transfer efficiency, fine atomization

    A particular waterborne paint spray gun allows for a thinner and more uniform finished surface. Due to the unique characteristics of waterborne paint, it takes longer to dry than oil-based paint and requires higher environmental and temperature requirements, so a uniform, lighter and thinner finish can speed up the drying time.

What are the advantages of water-based paints? Why are more and more spray gun factories focusing on special spray guns for waterborne paints?

  • Environmental protection & safety

Not for oil-based paint with organic solvents added, usually have a pungent odor, long time in this environment, accessible to harmful painter’s health. And water-based paint is used in the advanced polyurethane system, ultra-low VOC content, non-toxic and tasteless, significantly reducing the harm to the environment and human body and the risk of fire at the construction site.

  • High-performance, easy to clean

Water-based paint is full of color and does not quickly turn yellow, making it easier to match colors. Painting tools can be cleaned directly with water, saving a lot of cleaning resources.

Due to the increasingly strict requirements for environmental protection around the world, many countries have become more demanding of the spraying industry. Using non-toxic and energy-saving paints and tools protects the environment and improve work efficiency. With the development of water-based coatings, the painting tools have to improve.

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