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Do you know Mini automatic spray guns?

Automatic spray guns have a wide range of industrial production, such as in the electronics, machinery, glass, and plastics industries. You can choose the proper automatic guns you need according to the installation location, the functional requirements, and the frequency of operation. 

mini automatic spray gun

Automatic spray guns can be divided into mini automatic spray guns (ST series, A-100 series) and Full size (WA series) according to their nozzle range and size. 

Main differences between mini and full-size automatic spray guns

  • Full-size automatic spray guns WA series can be used for spraying medium to high viscosity liquids such as paints and special fluids, with good handling performance and suitable for fine spraying. It has a long service life and a wide range of applications.
  • The mini automatic spray gun is suitable for low viscosity liquids, such as water, rosin, mold release machines, etc. It can be installed on large spraying equipment to play an auxiliary role. Easy to operate, suitable for individual or line work.

We recommend the mini gun when the customer has a limited budget and does not have high requirements for spraying results. The ST series of mini automatic guns is the most popular model on the market. Here we will analyze the differences between the two ST series guns.

Difference between ST-5 and ST-6

WOLTER-ST-6 Automatic spray gun
WOLTER-ST-6 Automatic spray gun
WOLTER-ST-5 Automatic spray gun
WOLTER-ST-5 Automatic spray gun
  • The number of connectors

ST-5 has two connectors, one for fluid, another for air and atomizing inlets; ST-6 has three connectors; the air and atomizing are separate. 

  • Performance

The ST-6 has better control than the ST-5. Since the ST-6 has a separate inlet for controlling atomizing air, you can control the air pressure to achieve the desired atomization. The droplets will become coarser when the air pressure becomes smaller but still work. And ST-5 has only one connector to control the air pressure and atomization. It will stop working when the air pressure is less than a specific value. So ST-5 always required high pressure. 

The mini automatic spray guns are versatile in industrial production because they are cheaper than full-size guns, smaller, and easier to install. However, this gun can not be used for special high viscosity coatings. Easy to wear and atomization effect is not easy to control. So when purchasing, you also need to specify the purpose and the paint to be sprayed to correctly select the right mini gun.

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