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Can The Air Spray Gun use all Paints?

Can The Air Spray Gun use all Paints?

No, it depends on the viscosity of the paint and the object what you painted. 

And WHY?
If the paint is a high viscosity and has not been diluted with thinner, it cannot be sprayed directly with a spray gun because the liquid flows slowly inside and can clog the air passage and nozzle over time. It is common to use thinned paints for spraying, either oil-based paints thinned with spirits minerals or water-based paints thinned with solvent or water, ensuring the flow of paint. The airless spray guns are available for undiluted paint. The principle of the airless spray gun is to atomize the liquid paint directly with high pressure, which places high demands on the air compressor and nozzle.

How do you choose the paints for paint sprayers? Which materials are suitable for regular spray guns?

It depends on spraying projects and the results you are looking for. It is easy for a novice to define what they intend to paint. Still, it isn’t easy to achieve the desired effect as it’s inseparable from the right paint, the appropriate spray gun, a favorable environment for use, and the spraying technique. 
Let’s talk about how to choose the right paint and spray gun for different situations. 

  • Automotive Paint
Spray gun for auto painting

Automotive painting is the wide paint in the spraying projects. It’s used on the auto body for protection and decoration purposes. There are three general categories: primer paint, base coat (metallic paint), clear coat.

  1. The primer is the first coat to be applied, mainly masking, anti-corrosion, so the paint film is thicker, has a higher viscosity, and chooses a large-diameter spray gun. 
  2. The base coat is applied after the primer coat, The application of color. Typically there are three kinds of solid paints, metallic paints, pearlescent paints. This coating is required a thin and uniform film, you can choose a small size of nozzles, but the atomization effect is a good spray gun. The beginners always have one in hand.
  3. Usually sprayed on the top of a colored basecoat, the clearcoat is a glossy and transparent coating that forms the final interface with the environment. For this reason, a clearcoat must be durable enough to resist abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light. Clearcoat can be either solvent or water-borne. Reference by Wikipedia, for more information, pls click this site.
  • Household Paint
Spraying for furniture

Usually, refinishing furniture, kitchens, or doors at home requires a thicker paint film with coverage. At the same time, fast-drying can not have the drop hanging phenomenon, so you must select large-diameter nozzles when choosing a spray gun. At the same time, the choice of paint as far as possible to choose low VOCs of colors for environmental protection requirements.

  • Industrial Paint
Automatic spray guns for industry

Industrial guns are used in mass industrial production—for example, glass coloring, glue spraying, ceramic painting. Need to spray a large amount of paint, usually will choose the pressure-fed gun, without frequent replacement. If using automatic spray guns, the assembly line operation can significantly improve production efficiency.

  • Artwork paint

Spray guns are also used for oil painting, nail art, and cake decoration. An airbrush with reasonable control, a small nozzle, and a small amount of paint will be more suitable.

When spraying with a spray gun, you need to pre-adjust, observe the spray pattern, size, color, etc. The spraying effect will be slightly different because of the temperature and moisture of the environment, and the skill of spraying can only be improved by continuous practice. 

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