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What is the difference between traditional spray guns and integrated spray guns?

What is the integrated gun?

Simply speaking, the integrated gun is a term for a gun structure: the fluid needle and air valve combinate in one set. The production processing and performance requirements are higher than traditional guns.

So, let’s see the difference!


Interior Structure 

Compared following cross-section drawn.

The spray gun of the separated valve and fluid needle
The spray gun of the separated valve and fluid needle
The spray gun of Needle& Valve Integrated Structure
The spray gun of Needle& Valve Integrated Structure

The gun body of the conventional gun is mainly three-stage, i.e., pattern adjustment set, Fluid adjustment set, and air volume adjustment set. The overall gun body is relatively large. So the integrated gun has been improved on the structure by combining the air valve and fluid adjustment set to form a complete one set. It is also placing the air volume adjustment set on the lower end of the gun body.

Handing Feeling

The overall design of the integrated spray guns is more ergonomic. Due to the adjusted structure, reducing the spare parts, we achieved 5g on the body’s weight. That helps to minimize the painter’s fatigue.


Conventional spray guns can appear one-sided wear of the needle, nozzle, and related seals after using a while, thus quickly causing poor atomization, paint leakage, change the other guns, etc. The integrated sprayer uses a precise process to improve the coaxiality of the needle, nozzle, and air cap and reduce whole wear, making the gun life longer and more durable. At the same time to ensure the uniform spraying pattern.

Weared nozzle and needle

The integrated spray gun is not the newest model, as Anest Iwata released this type of gun back in 2014. It is called W-101, compact spray guns. In addition to the current mainstream market, DeVilbiss DV1 is one of the best-seller spray guns. It divides into three types for a different purposes. Meanwhile, the price is also 20-30% higher than traditional guns due to the high requirements of the manufacturing process. The primary target market is the automotive aftermarket, automotive refinishing, primarily for primer, topcoat, the basecoat, etc.

For one of the manufacturer’s best air manual spray guns in China, we at Chaotian pay attention to the following requirements when processing integrated spray guns.

  1. To ensure coaxiality in processing gun body.
  2. Related parts need to reach ±0.01 tolerance.
  3. The seal should meet both gas tightness, wear, and solvent resistance and must smooth between needle and valve.

Besides the above hardware requirements, accumulating experience of good craftsmanship and developing gun technology sets us apart from other gun manufacturers. Because we do love spray guns. 

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