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Comparison List for CFC HVLP & CFC APR

Are there all low-pressure spray guns with HVLP technology?

No, low-pressure spray guns also include APR and LVLP. Low pressure does not refer to the air pressure at the air inlet pressure, but rather the pressure at the tip should be less than 2.5 bar.

Both water-based and oil-based paints can pollute the environment and cause harm when sprayed. This is why the use of HVLP spray guns has been mandated since the 70s in the USA. To this day, these guns are the mainstay of low-pressure spray guns. But while HVLP paint guns are eco-friendly and paint-saving, they also have some drawbacks. Until the APR (acronym for Air Pressure Reduced)type, medium-pressure guns existed and became famous. APR-type spray guns combine the low-pressure and eco-friendly features of HVLP while improving its shortcomings.

The following is a comparison list of our CFC series HVLP and APR.

Air Inlet Pressure 0.5-2.3Bar0.5-2.3Bar
Air Cap Output Pressure 0.7Bar1.5-2.0bar
Air Consumption410~430L/min  290L/min
Paint Transfer Efficiency   >65% Save 10% paint than APR>65%
Transfer SpeedSlow  Fast
Performance& ParticleFine, coarse particle, wet in the center zoneGood, fine particle, thin in the center zone
Spray Distance100-210mm Recommended 150mm100-210mm Recommended 170mm
Application Basecoat, waterborne paint Basecoat, clearcoat
EquipmentEnough Air Source& Bigger hose Regular Air Source & Middle hose
Price A bit higher than APR A bit lower than HVLP
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