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Crafting Excellence: The Key Components of Your Ultimate Spray Gun Experience!

Assembling a simple spray gun requires over a hundred components. They interact and cooperate. If you’re purchasing a spray gun, it’s beneficial to have some basic understanding of it.

Core Components of a Paint Spray Gun:

Atomization Components:

  • These include the air cap, nozzle, and fluid needle (including needle seat and needle sleeve). This trio constitutes the core of the spray gun, and the precision of their processing directly affects the atomization and performance of the spray gun.

Fluid packing nut set Components:

  • This refers to the sealing components preventing paint needle leaks. It includes details like needle seal tightening gasket, needle seal tightening screw, spring, etc. This part is easily replaceable as, over time, the constant movement of the paint needle in this area results in wear and tear. Customers can perform replacements themselves.

Air Adjustment Components:

  • These components adjust the airflow in the spray gun. They comprise airflow adjustment screw (knob), airflow adjustment seat, needle, spring, and sealing elements. Typically, during usage, the airflow is set to the maximum, and an air pressure gauge is attached to the gun’s tail for easy and precise control of the inlet air pressure.

Fluid Adjustment Components:

  • These components adjust the paint flow in the spray gun. They include a paint flow adjustment screw (knob), paint flow adjustment seat, spring, etc. The paint output is adjusted according to the spraying requirements and the desired thickness of the paint surface.

Spray Width Adjustment Components:

  • These components adjust the spray width of the gun. They consist of spray width adjustment screw (knob), allowing customers to adjust the size and length of the spray width according to their preferences.

Air Valve Components:

  • These components control the spray gun’s opening and closing of compressed air. They include valve seat, sleeve, needle, spring, sealing components, etc. This part is crucial for the functioning of the spray gun and also affects the tactile feel of the gun. A well-designed air valve structure can reduce the frequency of replacements, saving customers on maintenance costs.

As a professional spray gun manufacturing factory, all our core components are independently researched and produced, ensuring the high quality of our spray guns.

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