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Get more money when you know the secret of the seals in the spray gun!

Your end customers always respond that the spray gun leaks paint or air after a short use time. What about the bad reviews on the online shop that keep increasing? Find Matching spare parts are not more manageable. Whether selling on online stores such as Amazon, eBay, or offline stores, spare parts’ availability has always been a significant concern for the boss, affecting their sales and customer service. Still, of course, you don’t need to worry about it if you find a suitable, well-fitted gun supplier.

Again, what is going on if your customer responds to leaking issues even they are cleaned and maintained correctly? One possibility is that the seal inside the gun is damaged.

So what sealing accessories are available on a spray gun?

  • Look! As follows: there are sealing gaskets on air cap, valve seals, valve gaskets, sealing plastics on nozzles, O-rings, gaskets, tightening plastics. Etc.

They are small but play a significant role. Do you know, one gun has at least 7-8 seals inside, which are used to allow compressed air and paint to flow through the gun as directed, helping painters to complete their spraying jobs efficiently and quickly.

Why are these seals usually wearing?

When you squeeze the trigger, the fluid needle in the valve does a cycle of repeated movements and long-time friction, which the middle of the seal is prone to wear. Also, the sealing gasket on the airflow cap and the sealing plastic on the nozzle are common wear parts that need to be replaced as they increase in age and frequency of use. However, if you choose high-quality materials, you can extend the wear life of the seals. It is also possible to achieve a certain coaxiality of the needle nozzle cap through a precise process to reduce unnecessary wear during use.

What are the materials of the seals?

Commonly materials as Nitrile rubber, fluoroelastomer, PTFE, and polyformaldehyde. According to the position and function, the different seals will be used in the spray gun.

If you have a problem with a damaged seal on your spray gun, where can you get help?

  • If you are a wholesaler or importer, when purchasing bulk guns from China, don’t forget to buy the necessary seals, which will boost customer service. If necessary, you can buy a complete set of repair parts to generate profit for you.
  • If you are an end consumer, please go to a regular dealer to buy. Do not use other brands of accessories because the internal structure of each factory gun and the size of the accessories are different. It is best to buy according to the model. If it is under warranty, you can find a store to replace it. It is also more convenient to replace yourself.
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