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The decoration on the spray gun will catch your client’s eye. How did it get?

When purchasing spray guns, you are usually fascinated by the color scheme and patterns on the gun’s surface. Some are metallic primary colors, some are colorful, and some even have graffiti printed on them, and that’s how they get on. Today we will talk about the surface treatment on the spray gun.

What parts of the spray gun are finished?

From the naked eye, we can observe that the body is the central part of the gun, followed by the adjustment screw, airflow cap ring, and trigger. Some of them you can quickly distinguish whether they are treated or not by the color of the surface, while some keep the original color of the metal, which is more difficult to distinguish.

Why do the spray guns need surface treatment?

Because the metal parts will contact air for a long time during processing, transportation, and storage, oxidation skin will be formed, residues left by the mold making, and stains on the surface. If the coating is to be firmly attached to the workpiece, it must be cleaned before processing.

  • Benefits of surfacer treatment:

1. Increase the beauty of the gun body, design sense, highlight the personality, like adding different color painting2. Enhance the anti-corrosion performance of processed parts, get an excellent protection layer, and prolong the service life of products

What finishes do you see on the spray guns?

  • Polishing: It is a mechanical treatment. The surface of the workpiece is processed using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media. The advantages include good luster quality and low cost; disadvantages need to optimize polishing parameters and poor for cast iron and inclusions.
  • Electroplating: The process of forming a coating on the surface of a workpiece in an electrolyte solution, with the workpiece as the cathode, under the action of an external current. The plating can be metal, alloy, semiconductor, or contain various solid particles, such as copper plating, nickel plating, etc. The advantages are good gloss and the beautiful appearance of the plate. The disadvantage is the high risk for environmental pollution. The surface of chrome plating is shiny but easy to leave fingerprint marks.
  • Anodized: The process of forming an oxide film layer on the surface of a workpiece in an electrolyte solution, with the workpiece as the anode, under the action of the external current, is called an anodized finish such as drop-forged aluminum parts. The advantage is that the surface coating is uniform and beautiful, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. The disadvantage is the high processing difficulty, which has appeared spots.

In addition, there are sandblasting, electrophoresis, and other surface treatment methods, which are determined mainly by the customer’s requirements and the properties of the raw material.

Polishing, electroplating, anodized is currently on the market gun more commonly used surface treatment. According to the positioning and requirements of the product to operate. For example, industrial spray guns and low prices are significant issues for them, so they often use polishing or electroplating finishes. The appearance of the requirements is not high, wear-resistant. High-end spray guns, quality is an essential factor, so strict requirements for the surface will choose the anodized finish for the gun body, will allow the whole gun to highlight the sense of senior. Anti-high-temperature anti-corrosion performance will be much higher than the industrial gun, and the service life is also prolonged.

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