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How about the high-pressure air industrial spray guns?

What’s the air industrial spray gun?

Industrial spray guns are also called high-pressure guns, and the air pressure is above 3.5 Bar(51psi). For atomization requirements are not high, paint viscosity is large, and the workload of extensive spraying work. They are generally used in industrial production, coloring, lubrication, and other roles.

Classification of air industrial spray guns

According to the spraying objects, fluid viscidity, spray performance to select proper spray guns. Here we talk about the characteristics of these two types of industrial spray guns.

Manual spray guns
Manual spray guns can be classified according to the purpose of use. For the base coat, primer, or clearcoat paints. 

You can choose W-71 or W-101 as your conventional basecoat and clearcoat guns. The central atomization area is more concentrated, fast coloring, saving time, and increasing the work efficiency. But if you need high spray performance and handling requirements, the W-101 will be better than W-71. W-101 adopts the air-valve integrated structure, with precision machining atomizing components, the spray width is more extended than W-71. It’s a perfect basecoat and clearcoat gun. If you don’t pay more attention to the performance, W-71 is the most economical gun. The price is less than half of W-101.


We will recommend W-77 or W-200 for the primer spray guns. The paint film is thicker and suitable for spraying more viscous paints. Like the W-71 VS W-101, we have clarified basic and premium types for primer spray guns. The W-200 is balanced the performance and function. W-77 is a wallet-friendly gun. 

Also, manual spray guns are classified according to the position of the pot. Gravity, siphon, pressure-fed types.Gravity spray gun with a side fluid cup. The advantage of this type of gun is that the angels of the paint cup can be adjusted to spray more complex structures, such as furniture, plastic, etc. But the disadvantage is that the paint capacity is small, not suitable for large objects.

The siphon spray gun is with a lower pot. The advantage is that the paint capacity is large, usually 1000 ml. The disadvantage is that the air consumption is more significant than the gravity type at the same air pressure.

The pressure-fed spray gun. You can use pressure pots or diaphragm pumps—particularly suitable for mass work and high efficiency. However, the disadvantage is that the needle and nozzle wear out quickly, and paint waste increases.

Automatic spray guns

WA-200 Automatic spray gun

Automatic spray guns generally use a pressure-fed delivery method, which saves labor costs compared to manual guns with fast transfer speeds and controllable discharge volumes. It is usually used for assembly work and can also be operated individually. However, the con is that the needle nozzle is an enormous loss when spraying a large viscosity paint. So for the vital spare parts, we use precision machining and special treatment to prolong the service life.

With the continuously improving craftsmanship of industrial spray guns, we can design abrasion-resistant, anti-corrosion, long-life, and inexpensive guns that are coming onto the market.

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