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How can we develop new models in the manufacturer of spray guns?

As a professional factory of air spray guns, we can provide specialized OEM services and launch independent brand design guns. It is rare in Chinese manufacturers, but it’s our ChaoTian’s advantage. Although the development and design of new products often take a lot of time and effort, we always insist that one unique product must be launched a year and updated our regular products. Today we’ll talk about the latest on our upcoming new product releases in 2022!

  1. Market research and customer demand

When we identify the planning of new spray guns, we gather market dynamics and customer needs in advance to ensure that the market and customers quickly accept our products once they are released. Through nearly a year of market research, from the various calls to end-customer feedback and the advice of professional clients, we finally determined the development of new products, which are high-end and compact automotive spray guns.

  1. Product Design Definition

Professional spray guns are always oriented to the market and the actual purposed of our customers, so we have put the atomization performance in the first stage. Meanwhile, appearance also plays an essential role. We give more consideration to the ergonomics of the gun’s feel and overall aesthetic appeal.

  1. Mold opening and finalization

After screening dozens of product solution designs and confirming overall functionality, we found the new item finally. According to the high-end positioning of the product, we chose the forged gun body for the mold opening. After that, the prototype gun was made after continuous modification of the mold and accessories schemes.

  1. Product testing (factory testing + professional equipment testing)

The testing session is particularly crucial to the development of new products. By lasting a week of non-stop testing, from atomization performance, product operating testing, corrosion resistance testing, etc., the factory internal self-test combined with the third-part test through a professional spraying equipment company. After confirming that the test results meet international and quality control standards, we will proceed to the next step.

  1. Packaging design, promotion plan

In addition to the high quality of a good product, the packaging design will also be a unique selling point. Combined with our products’ characteristics and color, the design department will design a special package of color box packaging.

At this point, the factory part of the development and research has ended, and our marketing department is needed to sell the product. However, after a product is finalized, we will upgrade the product in response to the feedback from our customers later and hope to recommend the best and most mature product to our customers.

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