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How to fix automatic spray gun


In addition to manual paint spray guns, automatic spray guns are used in a wide range of industrial applications. It has compact size, easy to operate, and saves time and labor. Commonly used in electronics, machinery, glasses, artware, leather, plastic, and other industries of automatic spraying. It can work alone, but also suitable for multiple assembly line work.

Wolter series automatic spray guns made of special stainless steel of needle&nozzle, wear resistance is more than double the ordinary SS316 material, especially available for highly corrosive, high strength, high-frequency spraying equipment.

As everyone knows, a good machine needs fine maintenance despite its good quality. The following are common problems with automatic spray guns. Hope it can help you to know more about your facility.

FlutteringNot enough fluid in the tankCheck and pour
Fluttering/spiting sprayAir enters between the fluid nozzle and tapered seat of the gun body or fluid passageRemove fluid nozzle to clean seat of the gun body or tighten fluid adj. joint section
Air is drawn from a fluid needle packing setTighten fluid needle packing
Paint buildup on air cap partially clogs horn holes, air pressure from both horns differsRemove obstructions from horn holes with an attached tool, but do not use metal objects to clean horn holes
Heavy top or bottom (Inclined)Paint accumulate or damage the fluid nozzle and air cap centerRemove matter. Replace if damaged
Heavy top and bottomThe fluid nozzle is not properly fittedAdjusted fluid nozzle, check and clean seat section
SplitPaint viscosity too lowAdd paint to increase the viscosity
The center of pattern too narrowFluid output is too highTighten fluid adj. knob to reduce fluid output or turn pattern adj. valve set clockwise
Heave CenterPaint viscosity too highAdd thinner to reduce viscosity
heave centerFluid output is too lowTurn fluid adj. valve knob anticlockwise to increase fluid output
SpitThe fluid nozzle and fluid needle set are not seated properlyClean or replace fluid nozzle and fluid needle set
split from spray gunThe first-stage travel of trigger (when only air discharges) decreasesReplace fluid nozzle and fluid needle set
Paint jammed inside air cap setClean air cap set
Air leaks from the tip Dirt, damage, or wear on the piston seal surfaceClean or replace
WA-101 TIPSWear on air valve seat setReplace the needle spring or air valve spring
O ring damage or deformationReplace
Paint leaksFluid nozzle dirty, wear, or damageClean or replace parts
WA-101 CONNECTORSThe fluid needle packing set does not returnAdjust and loose the packing set or paint set
Paint cloggingClogging in the paint nozzleClean
Insufficient opening/closing of the paint adjusting screwSet the paint adjustment at a proper position

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