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How to replace needle packing of CFC 5000/5500 types

Depending on the spray gun configuration, the replacement of the needle packing nut can vary. Previously, we explained how to replace the needle packing nut of the NFC series needle valve integrated structure. This time we will discuss another design of the typical two-stage spray gun, like our CFC series or similar models. 

Compared to the external needle packing nut set of the needle valve integrated structure, the CFC series replacement requires an Allen wrench and a certain degree of skill in handling.

The following are the steps for replacement.

  • Step 1. Unscrew the needle adj. knob, cleaning the needle
  • Step 2. Remove the holed trigger pin with the provided hex wrench
  • Step 3. Remove the broken needle packing nut set
  • Step 4. Replace the new packing nut set

    Tips 1: The new packing nut set can be placed on the hex wrench when replaced. Then put it into the hole and screw it to the bottom, finally tighten 1/10 turn

    Tips 2:Insert the fluid needle, slide it back and forth, and ensure proper damping and smoothness

  • Step 5. Put the trigger pin and the needle adj. set back into the gun body in sequence

    Tips 1: Slide the needle again to ensure the new set is in place.

    Tips 2: Pull the trigger a few times to ensure that the needle does not jam

Please be sure to refer to the above steps to do. Otherwise, it will cause leakage from the spray gun if the installation is not in place. Under regular maintenance, the needle packing nut set does not need to be replaced within one year because we adopted a self-adjustable structure for the needle packing nut set, which minimizes maintenance costs.

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