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Do you have the same gun with different air caps?

Yes, you must have it. You can select different air caps with one spray gun and the same nozzle size when purchasing industrial spray guns. 

Do you have the same gun with different air caps?

Why do they need different air caps?

Simply put, different feed types and atomization are required. We currently have a W-101 manual paint spray gun and a WA-101/WA-200 automatic spray gun equipped with varying caps of air to adapt to the needs of industrial production spraying.

Different feed types

Regular industrial guns will spray with gravity or suction cups, so conventional atomizing caps are available. And some projects require the use of pressure pots or large-volume liquid spraying, which makes it necessary to use a pressure-fed atomization set. That’s a pressure-feed air cap. 

We have added a pressure-fed function to some conventional spray guns with pot spray. For example, the CH-6 atomization cap is equipped with 1.3 or 1.5 nozzles of spray guns. You can use this air cap gun with pots and the pressure feed type spray. Using the E2P air cap, it’s only workable for the pressure feed type. 

Different atomization requirements

Suppose clients have requirements for the shape of the atomization and the spray width length but want to keep the size of the nozzle the same. This can be achieved by replacing the atomizing cap with a different one. For example, in our manual spray gun W-101 with a 1.3mm nozzle size, we use two caps, CH2 and CH6. The CH2 atomization shape is fully olive-shaped; The CH6 cap is more slender and long, with the same air pressure and viscosity as the paint. Clients can select according to the spraying aims. 

W-101 air caps

What do I need to pay attention to if I use different air caps?

Using the same gun with different atomizing caps to ensure the inlet air pressure and the viscosity is kept the same, the fluid and air consumption will vary due to the effect of atomization requirements. Also, the required spraying distance will be different if it is another type of gun, such as gravity feed, suction feed, or pressure feed type. It is necessary to carry out a test spray before spraying to ensure that the adjustment brings the gun into perfect alignment.

Although one spray gun with many atomizing caps can help customers save money, this only applies to a small percentage of gun models. With most high-end guns, we use one air cap, one needle, and one nozzle for atomization accuracy and durability, the perfect match to give our customers the best gun experience.

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