How to replace the fluid needle packing nut set

When your customers respond to a paint leak, what do you think? Is it a damaged needle and nozzle? Is it a screw not tightened or a small seal that is deformed? It’s all possible. Today we will talk in detail about the most common causes of paint leakage from the gun: the fluid needle packing nut set damage or wear.

Packing nut set in spray guns

What’s the fluid needle packing nut? What does it do?

The fluid needle packing nut set comprises a tightening screw, plastic, and sealing gaskets. It is usually located in the middle of the needle and acts as a seal.

What’s the packing nut set

Why is it often worn or damaged?

When the trigger is pulled and the valve and the fluid needle begin to make cyclic and repeated movements, your gun’s packing will eventually wear out or become damaged. In another case, when the whole spray gun is immersed in solvent for a long time, the liquid in the solution corrodes the plastic parts and seals in the packing nut set, causing deformation and rendering it unusable.

Everyday use can also cause wear and tear. When you find your spray gun leaks paint from the packing nut or fluttering, the sealing gasket may have a problem. The following are the steps for replacing the packing nut set for our different types of spray guns.

  • Replace the seals in the packing nut set for EFC

Step 1. Turn the fluid adj. Knob out and pull out the fluid needle.

Step 2. Squeeze the trigger, and turn the packing nut screw out with the 5.5 special wrenches. The seals can be brought out.

Step 3. Replace the new seals, put them on the screw, then slightly insert them in the hole on the gun. Tighten the screw in a clockwise direction.

Step 4. Assemble the needle, spring, and knob in order.

  • Replace patent self-adjusting seals in packing nut set for CFC

Step 1. Turn the fluid adj. Knob out and pull out the fluid needle  

Step 2. Remove the screws on the trigger, using the equipped Allen wrench with a short throw, and take off the trigger pin.  

Step 3. Use the equipped Allen wrench with the long throw, though the fluid adj. Hole, remove the packing nut screw.

Step 4. Replace the new packing nut set, put it on the wrench, return it to the original place, and tighten it.

Step 5. Return the pin to the trigger, and tighten the screw with gel. Assemble the needle, spring, and knob in order.

The packing nut set is a part of the gun that tends to wear out in use, so buyers will often purchase the spray gun together. Its small size and weight do not cause additional shipping costs, and it is easy to replace, greatly enhancing the customer’s service experience.

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