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What’s the difference between spray guns and spray cans?

Do you really need a spray gun? Is spraying with a rattle can the same as with a spray gun?

Many people may have this question when choosing a spraying tool. As we all know, spray guns are much more expensive than can and must be used with related equipment, such as air compressors, air hoses, etc. And the rattle can is cheap, just buy it and spray it directly. So what are the differences between them? Take a look at the chart below, and you’ll see.

Difference ItemSpray GunSpray Can
Related EquipmentAir compressor, air hose, guage, Etc.None
Color of PaintsAny colorsFixed color
PerformancePretty goodFine
ApplicationSmall to large parts, automotive refinish, furniture, industrial paintSmall objects, DIY home painting, automotibe small paint, woodworking
What’s the difference between spray guns and spray cans?

In short, if you need high-quality spraying results and large areas, you still need to choose a suitable spray gun to spray. It will save much paint and time and give you the best spraying results. But if it is a personal hobby or home spraying, not very frequent use, and the atomization requirements are not high, you can use a rattle can spray. You don’t need to invest a lot of equipment, and you can get started quickly.

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