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How to spray “I” Shape pattern,using your current spray gun?

How to spray an I-shaped pattern?

No matter how you operate the gun in your hand, you can not spray the I-shape pattern unless you change a different nozzle. The conventional nozzle on the market today, the shape of the spray is olive-shaped, that is, wide in the middle, narrow on both sides of the figure, which has a great relationship with the nozzle.

The nozzle of conventional spray guns is round. The small holes on the air cap side influence the flat shape when airflow jets out. This round nozzle makes the central wetted area of the atomized surface thicker and the particles coarse. The cover is not balanced with high viscosity paint. While the paint is thin, it is easy to cause hanging flow and not easy to evaporate and dry.

So, to solve this problem and achieve a uniform coating, we have developed an exclusive nozzle and obtained a national patent. Compared to the traditional nozzle, the new nozzle we named “Crack nozzle.”

What’s the difference between a regular nozzle and a crack nozzle?

  • Appearance

From the shape of the nozzle, you can visually see that regular is the sharp round nozzle, the crack nozzle is petal-shaped. The different forms of the nozzles can effectively control the direction of the airflow.

Regular nozzle VS Crack nozzle
  • The direction of airflow and paint ejection

Compressed air mixed paint is sprayed straight on the object’s surface through a conventional nozzle in the same direction. Ejecting by the crack nozzle, it is dispersed in all orders as they pass through the nozzle due to its particular shape.

  • Spray Pattern

Different nozzles and air caps give the regular guns an oval pattern, while the special crack nozzle is I-shaped.

Also, have the same aspects.

  • Comply with VOCs standards, use low air pressure can be operated, the impact on the environment and health is low.
  • Compared to conventional guns with high pressure, the transfer rate of a spray gun with a crack nozzle can be the same as the HVLP type.
  • The spraying speed is fast, and the atomization effect is good. Save paint, less overspray, and rebound.

As a factory with independent research and development capabilities, from nozzle design to production, we have a dedicated technical team and high-precision equipment to meet the needs of our customers for different atomization requirements. We keep up with the latest gun technology and strive to provide our customers with high-quality and good performance guns with an eye on the international market.

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