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What’s the difference between beginners and professional spray painters when they choose guns?

The choice of spray gun is essential for spraying work. What are the concerns of different purposes and people? Performance, price, shape, which is more important for beginners and professional players?

Beginners, i.e., spraying enthusiasts, are a category of consumers who may want to DIY on a whim or choose to spread themselves to save money. When selecting a spray gun, inexpensive and easy-to-operate guns may be more popular. What kind of characteristics do beginners have?

  • The sprayed objects are relatively random, cars, cabinets, wooden furniture, etc., both large and small.

The spray gun as a spraying tool is based on the principle that the liquid is sprayed onto the object’s surface by atomizing it with compressed air. Using a spray gun makes the spraying time shorter, the surface flatter, and easier to use. So generally, beginners will use the gun to spray a variety of objects, but it should be noted that you need to choose the right paint and nozzle to use the gun correctly.

What’s factors are beginners’ care?
  • The spraying skills are not much better, and some of them may be the first time to use a spray paint gun.

Spraying enthusiasts do not have special requirements for the spraying effect of objects, which is also related to their spraying skills. There is no shortcut to this, but only through repeated training.

  • Price is important for beginners, and performance is secondary to the ability to complete the spray job.

For non-professional spraying jobs, many beginners start with a cheap gun to get familiar with the gun and achieve spraying first. That’s why it’s common to choose an economical spray gun for under $100 on a budget. The purpose is more important than aesthetics.

  • Related equipment can also influence the purchasing decision of beginners, such as the power of the air compressor, the length of the hose, etc.

Since the gun is not used for a long time, beginners usually need these accessories to operate suitably in the appropriate equipment—for example, an air compressor, a hose, and preferably a pressure gauge.

  • Appearance, weight, and brand maybe some of the elements they will consider

The shape and weight of the gun will also often influence beginners in choosing a gun. An elegant appearance combined with a good feel will keep them from feeling tired when using it for the first time or for a long time. Of course, if you have an adequate budget, you may want to consider a gun from a big brand.

What’s the essential factor for a professional painter?

The focus of professional sprayers is very different from that of beginners. In particular, they are very experienced in selecting the objects to be sprayed and the appropriate diameter size. Also, the focus on performance, appearance, and price is different.

  • The choice of atomization performance is essential.

Professional spray gun masters for the atomization performance requirements are very high, related to their jobs. So in selecting the gun, the first consideration is that the fineness of the spray surface is uniform and flat, without any orange peel or bubble generation.

  • The feel, design is also the key to their selection.

The design of the gun is equally significant. Professional masters do not rely on appearance to choose a gun, but more on the feel of using it because they need to work continuously for a long time. Humanized design usually makes a big difference.

  • Price is the third place, and the right price will make them gladly accept.

The professional thing must be costly. Of course, the professional gunsmith will also consider the price. Cost-effective products will always be the most popular in this market. The average professional gun will generally be more than $ 200. If you choose a big brand of the gun may need to reach more than $ 500.
As a professional gun factory, we consider different customer groups, so we also design different types of products. The following are our current recommendations for the best selling in the mainstream market regarding amateur and professional guns.

Suitable for beginners’ guns industrial guns such as W-101, AFC these, the price is not high, the choice of nozzles, atomization effect is good, get started faster, do not need a lot of spraying skills.

W-101 Compact spray gun, three types are available.

  •     Compact, lightweight spray gun
  •     Needle-valve integrated structure
  •     1.0-1.8mm caliber for various choices
  •     Good operation feel, fine atomization

AFC Classical Reduced Pressure Spray gun

  •     Adopt the technology of reducing air pressure, good operation performance
  •     Better atomization effect, high-cost performance

Suitable for professional spraying guns, such as EFC and so on. For professional guns, we consider the first element is his atomization effect. The needle, nozzle, air cap, and other precision parts need to be very high.

EFC Eco Version Guns

  •         Patented appearance, artificial structure
  •         Excellent atomization particles, uniform surface
  •     Suitable for primers, topcoats, waterborne and oil-based paints

BFC Professional Primer Spray Gun

  •     1.6mm diameter for automotive primers, high coverage, high oil output
  •     coarse air cap design, easy to change

Most customers will consult the seller before buying the specific gun selection, according to their needs and budget, to find the right gun will make spraying an exciting thing.

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