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The Secret of Spray Gun Packaging

Are you concerned about the packaging when you are purchasing? Are your customers attracted to gun packaging? Why is the spray gun packaging designed this way? 

Today we will learn about the secret of spray gun packaging from a manufacturer of professional spray guns when designing packaging.


All spray guns are precisely made. Long-distance transport will encounter a variety of force majeure, so first, we need to ensure the protective role of the packaging for the gun. Putting the gun in the correct position, not shaking or being crowded, will protect it. While in the selection of materials, the use of heavier grams, the better quality of raw materials is also essential. 


When your retail customers sell guns, they place them on the shelf. An eye-catching design will attract customers to learn about buying. Suppose you are selling through Amazon or eBay. In that case, when the customer receives the product, they are pleasantly surprised by the design of the outer box, which will significantly increase your positive feedback and repurchase rate. So the creation of the packaging is critical.


Our company has always adhered to sustainability and environmental protection, both now and in the future. We provide eco-friendly spray guns with little pollution to the human body and environment, and also, the packaging we use is recyclable paper packaging to save resources. Using the right packaging size can significantly reduce the customer’s transportation costs and gain more profit.

What are the types of spray gun packaging?

Packaging of spray guns

Color box

Standard packaging is adopted in the form of a color box with an outer carton when you purchase a single gun, and then it is reduced packing cost and easy to transport. But you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials. Long-term transport must use a better paper outer carton to avoid breakage.


If you need to purchase several spray guns for a combo, a metal or plastic case with an outer box is usually used. This packaging protects spray guns from damage during shipping and makes it easier to display and store. But This combination is more expensive and requires a lot of padding inside to keep it in place. 

Regardless of the type of packaging used for the paint gun, the fundamental thing is that it needs to match the quality, positioning, and price of the customer’s requirement. As a factory, we are happy to provide our customers with professional advice – that’s what we do best. For more information about spray guns, visit our YouTube channel or other articles, but the most effective thing to do is to contact our salespeople directly!

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