Why did my WA-101/WA-200 automatic spray gun crack in the nozzle?

When customers purchase our automatic spray guns WA-101/WA-200 and sell them to end-customers, occasionally, they respond that the paint is leaking from the nozzle after using a while. When opened the nozzle, It is being cracked. Why does this happen? Is it because our nozzle is not of good quality? Or is there another reason?

Cracked Nozzle for WA-101/WA-200

Let’s analyze the reasons WHY.

Reason 1- Product Quality

Using low-grade material stainless steel will make the nozzle not wear-resistant and prone to breakage. But this causes the nozzle surface to fall off locally rather than crack. For our automatic guns, we use high-class materials and precision machining; there is no such reason.

Reason 2-Human causes

Human misuse is usually a significant cause of nozzle cracking. Using excessive force to turn the fluid adjustment knob will cause the material needle to break the nozzle; using a large external force to knock will also damage the nozzle.

How to avoid nozzle cracks from humans cause?

When adjusting the fluid knob of the automatic spray gun, especially when it is time to close the gun, care needs to be taken not to use brute force to force the knob closer to the gun body. Because when the spray channel is closed, there will be a gap between the knob and the gun body. Usually, rotating to this position can only be turned if you use a lot of force to twist it. Then the final paint needle will be topped through the nozzle and jammed into the gun.

Here’s a video of it on our Youtube Channel. Please see it if you are interested in it. 

How to do it, then? Replace the needle and nozzle.

When this occurs, the needle and nozzle of the spray gun need to be replaced on time. Although the crack appears on the nozzle, It’s also damaged the fluid needle, and subsequent use of the same needle can cause paint to leak out and affect the spraying work.

In fact, for customers who regularly use automatic guns, the problem of cracked nozzles is rare. Mainly for customers who have just used it, it is necessary to prepare extra nozzle, needle, and air cap accessories as spare parts.

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