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Tips for spraying the basecoat

The basecoat is an essential part of automotive refinishes or repairing. It is the outermost protective film of the car, which has a decorative role and the protection of the body.
Whether you are an experienced spray master or a DIY enthusiast, there are a few things to consider when spraying.

Tips for spraying the basecoat
Tips for spraying the basecoat
  • Paint blend

There are generally two types of basecoat paint for automotive spraying: single basecoat and double basecoat paint. The single one requires the addition of a precise proportion of hardener and thinner to the materials. On the other hand, a double one only requires a certain amount of thinner to be added, but the surface also needs to be sprayed with another layer of clear coat.
The commissioning and proportioning of the paint will vary depending on the temperature and brand. As a professional gun manufacturer, I will not go into detail.

  • Selection of spray guns

Besides proportioning the right paint for basecoat spraying, choosing the right spray gun is also essential. A professional high-quality spray gun can help you save paint and spray a smooth and shiny surface.
You should consider the nozzle size, feed of type, gun use technology when selecting the basecoat gun. The standard nozzle of the basecoat spray gun will choose 1.3mm or 1.4mm. If the tip is too small, the spray width will not be enough width, which will increase the workload of the painters; If the size is too large, spraying the particles are too rough, affecting the performance.
In the type of feed, the upper center pot of the gun is more common, which is what we call gravity type. Generally, HVLP, RP (our company called APR: Air pressure reduced), LVLP. These types of guns can choose. Professional painters mostly choose HVLP and RP for spraying, and amateurs prefer LVLP. It’s about whether they have a high-powered air compressor, some spraying equipment, requirements of results, as well as their spraying skills. Oh, and budget is also an important consideration.

Standard nozzle size for basecoat:1.3mm/1.4mm
Standard nozzle size for basecoat:1.3mm/1.4mm
  • Skills of spraying basecoat

The technique of spraying basecoats is a big topic, but of course, as a professional manufacturer of high-end spray guns, we can only touch on it here.
Spraying the basecoat involves:

  • The skills of the painters.
  • Preparing issues.
  • The speed of movement during spraying.
  • The distance between the gun and objects.

It is well known that painters constantly adjust the air pressure, airflow, and spray width of the gun before spraying and spraying in the blank to determine the spray length and dispersion. After the determination, try to maintain a uniform speed during the spraying process, the general spraying distance between 150-200mm.

Skill for spraying basecoat
Skill for spraying basecoat
  • Dring the basecoat

To make the basecoat cure and dry quickly, you need to use professional baking equipment. For example, in a drying room, or infrared dryer, try to let the paint dry from the inside out to avoid bubbles because the temperature rises too quickly.

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