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Good luck with starting work

After a long Chinese New Year holiday, our factory is back to average production!

good luck with start of work

If you do business with a Chinese supplier, you will receive news that they are back in business every January or February.
Before that, during the Chinese New Year, the whole of China is celebrated for the new coming year. As Chinese manufacturers, it will be closed for ten to twenty days on holiday, and you might notice that few factories will be open and orders cannot be scheduled on time. So when you get the news that they are back to work, it means that everything is back to normal.

On the day of resumption of work, many factories will light firecrackers to celebrate the start of production. They also give out veteran red papers which have returned to work. This lucky money is a sign that everything will be prosperous and smooth in the coming year.

However, it is also a busy time for the factory to do when starting production. On the one hand, there may be orders before the New Year that need to be rushed, and on the other hand, there will be a significant turnover of personnel and a shortage of labor. Don’t be surprised if your supplier informs you that your order is delayed. But this will not last long, about a week or so.

Finally, we hope our products will bring more profits and surprises to our customers in the new year!

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