What causes my auto paint spray guns to be jerky or flutter?

With the use of years or purchase of some not-good quality spray gun, some slight problems often happen with your auto paint spray guns—for example, jerky spraying, uneven patterns, air leakage, etc. Today we will explain in detail the reasons for fluttering.

What casuses my auto paint spray guns to be jerky or flutter?

What is jerky or fluttering?

There is uninterrupted shaking while spraying when using the gun with the material in the paint cup due to the air entering the spray gun.

How to judge whether the gun is fluttering?

The siphon-fed type is more likely to produce this trouble than gravity-fed spray guns. In addition to the naked eye observation method, there are 2 ways to tell.
Method 1:

  • Separate the paint cup from the gun.
  • Pull the trigger.
  • Put your finger at the fluid inlet.

If you feel apparent suction, it is normal, but if there is an airflow pushing outward, then there is this problem.

Method 2:

  • Separate the paint cup and gun.
  • Tighten the fluid adjustment knob.
  • Pour a small amount of water or thinner at the fluid inlet.
  • Pull the trigger and observe whether there are bubbles or liquid directly ejected. If so, it will cause the fluttering spraying.

Cause & Remedy

In addition to ensuring that the jerky is not caused by less paint or too heavy viscosity of paints, problems in the following areas can also drive.

Cause: The nozzle of the spray gun is loose

Remedy: Tighten it

Cause: Aging of the plastic parts behind the nozzle

Remedy: Replace it

Cause: The air distribution ring is not in place or is damaged

Remedy: Reinstall or replace these parts

(The spray gun with an external air distribution structure is jerky or fluttering. Because the nozzle may not be screwed into place, tighten it. This structure of the gun is not easy to flutter.)

Packing nut

Cause: The packing nut is loose or damaged 

Remedy: Tighten or replace it

Air cap

Cause: The air cap is not in place due to the paint residue.

Remedy: Clean and reinstall in the right place

Jerky or fluttering due to quality issues rarely occurs for high-quality auto body spray guns. Whether from selecting materials or installation testing, there are strict standards. It is only necessary to pay attention to the installation of accessories in place and timely cleaning in the daily maintenance, and it will not appear.

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