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What’s the difference between an electric spray gun and a manual spray gun?

The manual spray gun complex operation makes some DIYers daunted. The emergence of electric spray guns doesn’t require too much spraying skills, as long as there is electricity at home at any time to achieve the freedom of spraying. The manual spray gun is also constantly upgrading the atomization effect and transfer rate to enhance the experience of using a professional painter. Long-time spraying will not feel too tired, fine and uniform atomization, significantly improving work efficiency.

What’s the difference between an electric spray gun and a manual spray gun?

So let’s learn about the differences between electric and manual spray guns.

What is the electric spray gun?

The electric spray gun is a variety of low-viscosity liquid sprayed into the mist of electric tools. It uses an electromagnet to drive the armature, which acts on the piston rod and performs high-speed reciprocating motion. Forming an air-absorbing phenomenon so that the liquid is drawn up from the container; at the same time, high pressure is formed, which is sprayed out by the nozzle at high speed, atomized, and adhered to the surface of the object to complete the spraying process. Usually, it is composed of two parts: The front part and the Electric motor.

What is the manual spray gun?

The viscosity of the manual spray gun is not high for the liquid, as long as it is flowable. The principle of the manual spray gun is the use of compressed air through the piston movement. The formation of high-speed airflow in the head of the gun will be liquid through the airflow cap atomized into small particles attached to the object’s surface. The manual spray gun is also generally composed of the gun body and the paint cup.

Atomization effect of electric and manual spray guns

  • Electric spray gun, atomization effect is lovely, the transfer rate of up to 90%, it will save paint, but the electric spray gun spray pattern is not wide enough, usually need 50% of the overlay spraying, to completely cover.
  • Regarding manual spray guns, there are two types. The atomization effect of conventional high-pressure guns is just good, and the transfer rate is only about 25-45%. As for HVLP, the low-pressure guns atomization effect is excellent. The conversion rate can reach 65% or more. The average spray width of a manual spray gun is about 150 mm.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Electric guns belong to electronic products. When cleaning and disassembly, you need to separate the spray container and motor part of the cleaning. You can use water directly to wash the cup, and the motor needs to be wiped with a small amount of water-soaked cloth, must not to directly into the water to clean. You’d better add lubricating fluid after each use to ensure that the body works properly. Once there is damage, maintenance is more complicated.
  • For the manual gun, cleaning is a simple thing, the gun body and accessories can be put into the water to clean, but it should be noted that the whole gun can not be placed insolvent for too long, easy to cause corrosion of the internal seals. Suppose there are abnormalities, such as jumping paint. If that can not be sprayed, you can disassemble yourself and then reassemble, but it is best to have the experience that will not damage the nozzle or needle and other precision parts.

Related Equipment

  • Electric spray gun, no need air compressor, hose and so on, only need to connect the power can be. But it would help if you matched a cup to test the viscosity of the paint.
  • Manual spray gun, need more accessories, air compressor, hose, filter, air pressure regulator.


  • Electric spray guns are suitable for wood products, such as fences, decks, furniture, cabinets, dressers, home DIY spraying, and small metal accessories. You can change their color at any time.
  • For manual spraying, there is no requirement for the object to be sprayed. Wood, sheet metal, glass, plastic, etc., can be used. You can choose a manual spray gun with a pressure feed for large spraying jobs, which can be connected to a diaphragm pump and does not require frequent paint changes, saving time and effort.

Consumers can consult with the seller based on their spraying experience, budget, and the object, whether choosing an electric or manual spray gun.

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