Why do we use pressure-feed spray guns?

Why do we use pressure-feed spray guns?
Why do we use pressure-feed spray guns?

What is the pressure feed spray gun?

Depending on fed types, most spray guns can generally be divided into gravity, siphon and pressure fed. The gravity and siphon types are more common and are usually used in automotive or wood spraying applications. The pressure-fed gun has to be connected to a pressure pot and diaphragm pump without paint containers. It’s designed for large-area spraying operations.

What’s the benefit of pressure-feed spray guns?

The pressure feed gun is without any cups. We were using a hose to connect the fluid inlet to the material source, making it easier to spray without feeling fatigued and improving the working efficiency by eliminating the need to add material frequently. Compared to gravity and siphon feed guns, the inlet air pressure for pressure-feed guns has higher, around 2.5-3.5 Bar. So it can spray high viscosity fluid, and the spray width is more extended, about 180-290 mm.

What's the benefit of pressure-feed spray guns?
What’s the benefit of pressure-feed spray guns?

How to select pressure-feed spray guns?

  • Pressure-fed guns for industrial 

The manual spray gun is more flexible than the automatic spray gun for industrial painting. When spraying complex industrial products surface will be required for the entire coloring. Each angel needs to be painted. And some industrial fluids with high viscosity or tiny particles inside. If using industrial pressure feed spray guns can meet all. By the way, please note the needle and nozzle should be specially treated to increase their hardness and wear resistance, and use high-quality seals to extend the life of the gun.

  • Pressure-fed guns for the woodworking

Compared to industrial coatings, the viscosity of wood coatings is relatively low, so it is easy to hang out. They use special woodworking pressure spray guns when spraying large area surfaces, like wood doors, frames, etc. It required low inlet pressure to protect the environment and the painter’s health. Most important, it can save much paint and less overspray.

Purchasing spare parts of pressure guns can prolong the lifespan, such as needles, nozzles, air caps, gaskets, air valves, etc. Depending on the frequency of use and fluid materials, these will make guns easy to wear and tear after a long time. Replacing the spare parts, not spray guns, will save much cost. 

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