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Why do you need a professional clearcoat spray gun?

If you ask painters how many guns are needed to paint the whole car, some answer four guns, and some answer 1 is enough. Depending on your budget and requirements, you will have your answer. Today we are going to talk about spray guns for clearcoat paint.

What is the spray gun for varnish? What are its requirements and characteristics?

Automotive refinish painting consists of three layers: primer, topcoat, and clearcoat. The clearcoat layer is to brighten and brighten the surface, which is beautiful and protects the surface simultaneously. The general color of the clearcoat is transparent, and the liquid density is relatively tiny and liquid. So when choosing a spray gun for varnish, all choose a small nozzle size gun, such as 1.2 or 1.3mm. Uniform atomization, thin and light mist is the best and can dry quickly.

Why do you need a professional clearcoat spray gun?

Since the flow and viscosity of the regular color paints are close to the clearcoat paints, they can also use with a 1.2/1.3mm nozzle size gun. Many painters use one spray gun for spraying topcoats and clearcoats. It will reduce costs considerably. But, as professional painters, they will prepare a particular spray gun for the clearcoat. The reason is: 

1. The atomization of the particular clearcoat spray gun is more delicate. The particles are more acceptable than those of color paint, so using a professional varnish spray gun can improve the spraying effect. The atomization is even and thin, and the surface dries quickly and is glossy.
2. It will not cause color confusion. If the cleaning is not thorough enough after using color paint, there will be residual color left in the gun, and when spraying the clearcoat, miscellaneous colors will appear and affect your work. That’s terrible.
3. Save painting time and improve work efficiency.

Okay, so let’s buy a particular spray gun for varnishing! 
What are the differences between using a typical clearcoat spray gun and a professional one?

  • Atomization effect 

General-purpose spray gun, if spraying varnish, the atomization effect is not as good as the professional spray gun. Atomization particles are coarse, not slender, and the central area is more concentrated.

  • Spraying requirements

Choose the proper clearcoat spray gun according to the spraying requirements and objects. If only daily furniture or less demanding spraying can use a general-purpose spray gun, if professional automotive spraying, it is better to use a professional varnish spray gun.

  • Price range 

A general-purpose gun will be cheaper than a specialized varnish gun—the three sets of atomizing make a significant role in the pricing. 

As a professional gun factory, we generally consider the market needs and positioning when designing and manufacturing our guns. The general-purpose gun market is relatively large compared to professionals, with many target customers and relatively low prices. However, quality cannot be guaranteed. So as a professional spray gun factory, we still want to provide products that offer high quality but are suitable for our customers’ market.

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