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How to reduce needle&nozzle wear on spray guns

If you buy spray guns online, you will find some spare parts for spray guns, such as needle nozzle sets, because it is the most wearable and essential part of a gun. Many people will choose to replace the whole spray gun with a new one for some inexpensive guns rather than buy parts. A needle nozzle kit for a brand-name gun is almost half the price of the whole spray gun, so reducing the wear and tear on the nozzle can help customers save costs.

Today we talk about reducing the wear and tear of the needle nozzle.

Buy high-quality spray guns.
Machining needle&nozzle is a vital part of the gun processing, and it is also the criterion for testing whether this gun can achieve high atomization performance. Ensuring the coaxiality of the nozzle, needle, and air cap will reduce wear and tear and extend its service life. However, such spray guns will not be cheap because the cost of craftsmanship is higher than ordinary guns. So when buying, pick one according to your budget and the purposes. A high-quality spray gun can last more than one year with proper maintenance. The warranty includes the needle& nozzle.

Use of specially treated needle& nozzle
A regular spray gun can meet the daily DIY spraying, wood furniture, car painting, and other every day spraying purposes. But if you need to spray industrial coatings, like ceramic, enamel, etc., using a conventional spray gun will not be suitable. Therefore, many customers will buy airless spray guns to atomize the paint instantly by increasing the inlet air pressure. However, this approach can be dangerous if not handled properly, and the atomization is not satisfactory enough. In this case, we generally recommend a manual spray gun with a specially treated needle nozzle. For high-viscosity coatings that aggravate the wear of the nozzle, a special coating is applied to the nozzle surface to reduce wear and adhesion and extend the life of the gun.

Specially treated needle

Timely cleaning and maintenance
Residual paint materials in the air passage will speed up the wear of the needle nozzle. So after using the gun, you need to clean the nozzle, the needle, and all paths on time. It will maintain the gun and allow for quick operation and time savings the next time you use it. Remember to use particular tools for disassembly to avoid permanent damage.

A spray gun is a manual tool, and after a certain number of years of use, there will be different degrees of wear and tear, especially the needle and nozzle. When you are spraying or before spraying, you find that the shape of the spray is abnormal, and rule out that a loose nozzle and other reasons do not cause it, then it may be the needle nozzle wear. It needs to be replaced in time to complete the spraying job perfectly!

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