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You must know it when purchasing spray guns!

In addition to price and quality, wearing parts are also a priority for buyers when purchasing spray guns.

So why do you need to purchase wearing parts?

  1. Combined sales to add value to products
  2. Good after-sales service to improve customer experience

That’s significant for business. Right? What are the most common wearing parts in a spray gun?

Important 3-piece set, Needle, Nozzle, and Air cap

  • Why they are vulnerable to damage?
    • The quality is not good enough. Reasons for the raw materials used and the machining process, such as air cap made by aluminum or brass, the needle, nozzles set made of high-precision stainless steel. What matters is the coaxiality of the gun body with other components. All can affect the lifespan, needs frequent replacement.
    • Improper maintenance and repair. The customer used unprofessional tools to clean the small holes in the nozzle and air cap, causing permanent damage, which affected the atomization and had to be replaced.
Nozzle, air distributor ring. air cap

Plastic Air Distributor Ring

Commonly, the air distributor ring is built into the gun and often needs to be removed when cleaning the airflow passage. It is made of plastic, easily deformed or damaged, so it has to be replaced regularly.

Spring or Knob of adjustment set

Although deformation and damage to springs are relatively rare issues, they occur mainly when the customer has operated them incorrectly or has poor quality. It will affect the adjustment. Also, the threads on the bottom of the adjusting screw will wear out with long-term use.

Seals& Gasket

O-rings, plastic sealings, gaskets all need to be replaced for prolonged use.

Spring, Seals, etc.

A high-quality spray gun that not only meets the customer’s atomization requirements but also considers the product’s lifetime and maintenance costs. Most customers consider the spray gun as a daily consumable and often replace it after about one year of use. However, we prefer customers to consider their spray guns as an investment and a durable product, so our high-end series will last at least 5-years with normal maintenance. This is in line with our goal to be a trusted supplier of quality spray guns to our customers.

For more information about our manufacturing or products, please directly contact us or leave your comments.

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