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How to simply customize your brand spray guns

As a buyer, are you looking for superior suppliers, who can provide high-quality spray guns, the appropriate price, and a complete partnership? As a brand importer, distributor, wholesaler, do you earn considerably less margin? Create your brand urgently? At the same time, you want to find a factory with similar quality as those big brands.

That’s right, come and see us.😎

Since we are a manufacturer that integrates R&D and production, we cannot only provide OEM services, which many competitors are doing but also help our customers go for research. We have a professional R & D team with more than 10 years of experience in the field, understand the mainstream spray guns in the current market, also have our independent patent structure. We have more than ten years of cooperation with upstream suppliers, which include: components, packaging materials, mold processing factories, etc., saving time and money wasted in the middle.

So let’s see what a professional customized service looks like!

Option 1 / Much-simplified customization

Purchase our existing products and replace some of the accessories, such as the color of the finish, the location of the logo, the material of the pot, etc. We have over a dozen kinds of accessories with different material and shape characteristics, which can be changed according to customers’ demands. Moreover, the changed layout and the existing color box style will be free for your reference.

Option 2 / Specialized customization

What is specialized customization? Severe requirements on gun shape or atomization effect, not limited to appearance changes, we could provide professional technical service. Hey, the following is the complete workflow for that.

Customized Service
Customized Service
  1. The first step is to FIND us! This is a very crucial step!
  2. Then forward your drawings or samples, as well as your design concepts to us. Usually, our R&D department will work out a feasible solution within 48 hours.
  3. Discuss the proposal by email or video, and if necessary, make a gun sample. If a custom mold is required, the mold cost will be borne by you. Accordingly, you are the exclusive seller of this product.
  4. After the initial approval of the samples, the finance department carries out costing, quotation will be sent to you soon by email. Everything goes smoothly, after confirmation of price, quantities, set up a sales contract for you. Received the deposit, now we are making the money together!
  5. Arrange the mass production, normally within 30 days, goods will be finished.
  6. Also, you can check the quality during the production. mid-term or final inspection by yourself or a third party is welcome.
  7. Finished and approved the goods, the balance arranged before shipping. We’d like to transport it to the port. Oh, for several days you can see the magic spray guns.

Regardless of the solutions, we have sales, technical, and after-sales staff to follow you through the entire process to ensure that your project is implemented smoothly.

For more information, please leave a message or DM me!

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