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4 Secrets of gun body, nobody told you!

The unique appearance of spray guns is a major factor in attracting many buyers. Manufacturing the gun body is a very important step, which includes the shape, air passage, drilling location, whether it will affect the atomization. So each process will be controlled. Every step we do precisely ensures that we provide the best quality and service to our customers.

So, let’s see how a beautiful gun body is made by our machinery.

1. The first step – raw material. A batch of raw materials will be incoming inspection, and the quality control inspector will randomly select 5%-10% of them for checking, mainly to see whether the shape meets the requirements, the size is by the regulations, and the weighing gram is reached.

2. The second step-Drilling. 

The first processing is the head of the gun body. According to the customized style, configure the corresponding mold, set the program, and then put it on the CNC machine. This operation is relatively simple, and the whole process takes about 4 minutes. We will inspect the machined parts, and check the size by measuring with calipers.

CNC Machining Center

The next is drilling the other holes, which is accomplished by using the CNC machining center. This step mainly handles the holes of the air inlet, spray pattern, material adjustment, etc. Just set the corresponding programming, the machine will automatically work. The position of holes will directly affect the airflow and the whole design. The depth and size must be meet the requirements of the drawing to be qualified. Likewise, we will conduct a random inspection. Ensure the quality of the product is stable.

3. The third process is the core of the whole machining – coaxiality.

What is coaxiality? Simply put, it means that the spray gun’s three main components, needle, nozzle, and air cap, are on the same axis. This ensures the longevity and handling of a spray gun. While using, the material needle moves back and forth under the action of the air valve, which causes a certain degree of wear. Maintaining coaxiality will reduce the wear of the needle and seal, and at the same time, allows the technicians to operate the spray gun with less resistance to stretching and not feel hand fatigue during long periods of use.

4. The internal processing of the gun body is completed. The surface treatment such as polishing, plating, or anodizing will be carried out as per the customer’s demand.

Now, the basic machining is accomplished. Congratulation!

By the way, for the material of the body, there are currently 2 kinds of materials: forged aluminum, high density, no bubbles inside, durable, slightly higher prices. The other is die-casting aluminum. Aluminum dissolved into a liquid injection mold die-casting. The price is relatively cheap, suitable for industrial spray guns.

Well, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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