Just 5 steps save your clogged spray guns

John- a beginner for spray guns, he had a problem with his favorite spray gun. 

“I have been cleaning my gun after every spray, but just one day I forgot, put aside 3 days, the tip has been clogged now? How can I clean it?”

Hey, It’s a common issue when you use the spray gun. Let’s see the solution!

clogged parts of spray gun

Why do spray guns keep clogging?

  • The viscosity of painting material

The viscosity of the paint is too high, which will cause solidification over a long period, thus blocking the airflow passage

  • Not Cleaned

This situation often occurs in the nozzles, airflow caps, and surrounding auxiliary holes, which are difficult to clean due to their small diameter and can cause foreign bodies to clog over time.

How affect your spraying?

  • The most obvious effect is that the spraying work cannot be carried out and the paint is not sprayed out. When the main air hole or air passage of the gun is blocked.
  • The less obvious influence is that when the side atomization holes are jammed, this can affect the width of the spray, resulting in a crescent or uneven pattern.
  • There is also a blocked auxiliary hole next to the main atomization hole, which affects the air output and thus the shape of the atomization.

What should you do?

How to c;lean clogged spray gun
How to clean clogged spray gun
  1. First, remove the air cap, use a matched wrench to disassemble the nozzle, put it into the thinner, soak a few hours, and then pull it out with a soft cloth to dry the surface, pay attention to the nozzle is very easy to damage, take the time to gently put it.
  2. Then use our special repair kit developed for the atomization set, saving you the trouble of finding the right tools. As we all know, since the nozzle diameter is very small, the airflow cap has a tiny hole in it, and it is easily injured, so if you make a mistake in handling it, it is permanent damage.
  3. Well, let’s start with this larger brush in the repair kit to clean the small holes on the back of the nozzle, then the front, and finally the side atomization holes on the airflow cap. Next, use the small soft needle in the repair kit. Compared to other tools, this soft needle will not harm the secondary air holes on the atomizer cap.
  4. All cleaning, rinse down with water, and dry with a soft rag. After that, remove the material needle and clean the air passage with another large black brush. 
  5. Next, reassemble all the parts, connect the air compressor, and use the high-speed airflow to expel other foreign matter.

In brief, disassembled the clogging air cap and nozzle, soaked in diluted water, cleared of foreign objects with professional tools, reassembled, and then cleaned with high-speed airflow. It’s that simple. Right?

Now, you already know how to clean your clogged spray gun. Hurry up and take action!

Ps. We are a professional spray gun factory with everything from complete guns to accessories. For more information, please leave a message or send me an email.(nadia@ct-spraygun.com)

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