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5 Key tips on maintenance of spray guns

Whether it is a cheap spray gun of a few dozen dollars or an expensive gun of several thousand dollars, it can save a lot of time and money if careful maintenance after each use.
As a manufacturer of professional spray guns, today we will talk about some tips in maintenance.

  1. Please do not soak the spray gun in thinner for a long time. It does not play a significant role in cleaning.

Many painters habitually put the entire gun into thinner at the end of a job but forget to take it out for various reasons and soak it for a long time. It will cause damage to the seals inside and affect the gun’s performance. According to research, some painters think that a long time in the thinner, you can speed up the dissolution of the paint in the gun, saving time. It does not play much of a role but will make the gun’s accuracy and lifespan suffer.

Excellent sealing of our spray guns, but don’t put the whole gun in to soak for a long time
  1. The air cap, nozzle, and needle can be removed separately and put into the thinner for cleaning.

This three-piece set is an essential part of the gun and the most precise:

a. They need to be disassembled with special tools to avoid permanent damage when cleaning and maintaining them.
b. You can put them into the thinner for a while. Use the brush to clean them gently.

c. Add some lubricant on the surface to make the gun run more smoothly during installation.

  1. You can use a special brush dipped in thinner to clean the fluid passage.

We do not advocate putting the entire gun thinner and cleaning it, which will affect the surface and internal parts of the gun. So when cleaning the internal paint channels, you can use a special brush dipped in thinner. And wipe away surface stains with a soft cloth.

  1. You can effortlessly detach the air distribution ring using your tools.

This tip is for automotive spray guns with an air distribution ring inside. When thoroughly cleaning the gun, you must remove the nozzle and this plastic ring. But it’s too tiny, too hard to catch up. So it will come with a unique tool. If you accidentally can not find it, do not worry. Find a grappling hook, and then you can also easily remove it.  

Unique tool for air distribution ring
  1. For various purposes, please use different spray guns.

A painting master will prepare 3-4 spray guns for spraying—one for primer, one for basecoat painting, one for the clearcoat, and another for minor repairing. But for many hobbyists or beginners, it may be possible to spray all objects with one gun. If you do not care about the spraying results, you can choose a 1.3mm nozzle size of the spray gun for a general topcoat, and varnish or minor repair is enough. However, using the spray gun according to the paint and spraying application characteristics will significantly extend the service life.

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