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How about the spot/ repairing spray guns?

What is the spot spray guns?

The regular nozzle size of automotive paint spray guns is 1.2mm-1.8mm for the basecoat, clearcoat, and primer. As for spot spray guns, the nozzle tip is smaller than it, and it could be 0.5mm-1.0mm. And the operating pressure is only 1.0-1.5bar. A better use for small areas, such as door handles, brake calipers, etc.

Atomization parts of spot spray gun

Why do we use spot spray guns? How does the manufacturer produce these guns?

Spraying small parts requires a professional spray gun and specific spraying skills. If you are a professional painter, you will have different requirements for each small subject, improving efficiency, reducing the waste of paint and over-spraying, and making the small area more evenly painted. And like a factory, we need to be more precise when making small nozzle sizes, especially in processing the needle, nozzle, and air cap. The requirements need to control the tolerance of 0.01mm or less. The key components and fluid passage are all made of stainless steel. The design of the air distribution ring will also take a particular structure according to the different airflow. That’s you can have a perfect and matured spot spray gun.

Here we will briefly talk about the techniques of spraying car calipers, sharing from our professional automotive painting center:

Critical points of spraying brake calipers:

  1. First of all, the surface of the caliper is sprayed with white epoxy primer to enhance the adhesion of the paint while making the color more vivid and not easy to fade.
  2. Choose a professional 0.8mm nozzle size of the spray gun, superior handling, long spray width. We recommend our EFC-S for repairing painting, and the spraying width can reach 130mm. It can help painters improve work efficiency while spraying uniformity, a thin layer of paint, not easy to blow or orange peel.
  3. Choose high-temperature caliper paint because the caliper in the brake will produce high heat, can not use ordinary paint. Must use particular high-temperature resistant paint, generally can reach 800 degrees high temperature.

For more details, you can go to YouTube and follow our channel.

Spot/ repairing spray guns are not standard on the market, especially for premium performance. Because as common small parts, do not need high requirements; some painters will generally use 1.3mm tips gun or regular industrial spray guns to work. Also, according to our survey in this listing, the market is limited. For the production of this gun process and atomization requirements required much, many factories that do not specialize in spray guns are not willing to do or for the production of low states so that the price will be higher than the regular one.

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