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What is the difference between purchasing spray guns from a manufacturer or trading company?

If you are starting to do a spray guns business, would you prefer to purchase from a professional manufacturer or a trading company?

The factory maybe because there is no intermediary to earn the price gap. You can get the lowest price directly from the factory, but when purchasing a lot of categories, many factories do not have the means to meet. To save time, buyers may tend to cooperate with trading companies.

Factory or Trading company, when you are purchasing spray guns.

Today we will share the advantages and disadvantages of working with a factory or a trading company when purchasing spray guns.

As a professional spray gun factory, we have more than ten years of experience in production and sales, but at the same time, we also have shortcomings.

Purchasing from a spray gun manufacturer

  1. Factory price, no middlemen to earn the price difference
  2. From raw materials to inspection under control
  3. Extensive experience with products and can solve problems immediately
  4. With an independent R&D department, we can provide customized services


  1. The single product line, expensive mold opening cost
  2. Insufficient publicity and service awareness

Purchasing from a trading company

  1. Large selection of suppliers, rich categories
  2. Good service awareness
  3. Smooth communication


  1. The product price is higher than the factory
  2. Lack of specific product experience to provide professional solutions

Whether a factory or a trading company, as long as the buyer can find the right product with a particular profit margin, the most important thing is to provide long-term stable quality and delivery. That is the correct choice.

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