Can I use a 15.2CFM air compressor to feed my HVLP spray guns?

Yes, but it is best to use an air compressor that exceeds 15.2 CFM. Because other factors can consume the total amount of air, reaching the gun is less than what is usually needed, making for unsatisfactory spray speeds and results.

As we all know, the air spray gun is a pneumatic tool that usually requires an air compressor to operate. Suppose your customer is a first-time gun user or is unfamiliar with paint guns. In that case, you will need help selecting or determining whether the existing air compressor is compatible with the proper gun use. For your reference, the following are the recommended power compressors for HVLP, APR, and LVLP, which are the main types of guns available today.

  • HVLP spray guns: High-volume, low-pressure spray gun with an inlet pressure of 1.5-2.0 bar (22-29 PSI). It belongs to the low-pressure type, but at the same time, its air consumption is 430 L/min (15.2 cfm). It needs a more powerful air compressor. You can choose above 7.5KW, which can provide an HVLP gun for regular operation. Therefore, when selecting an air compressor, carefully read the pressure range of the compressor and other parameters. 
  • APR spray guns: Middle-volume, middle-pressure spray guns with an inlet pressure of 1.6-2.2Bar (24-32PSI), which belongs to the medium air pressure gun. It’s air consumption is more petite than HVLP’s, at 290L/min (10.2CFM). You can choose a 5-7KW air compressor, and it’s more common for automotive painting works or garages.
  • LVLP spray guns: Low-volume, low-pressure types of spray guns with slight air inlet pressure is 1.0-1.5 bar (15-22 PSI), a low-pressure minigun, and has a minimum air consumption of 160L/min (5.6CFM). Also, you can find these guns with small nozzle sizes, and the speed of spraying is slower. Suitable for home DIY spraying, you can choose a 2-3KW air compressor for it. 
The inlet pressure and air consumption will affect to choose the air compressor

What other factors also affect the choice of the air compressor?

  • Quantity of spray guns: If one air compressor is connected to only one gun, it is sufficient to consider the gun’s air pressure and air consumption. However, a larger compressor is required to meet the demand if multiple units are operated. It is also necessary to connect a water-oil separator to avoid moisture in the air supply.
  • Diameter of air hose: When choosing the air hose connecting the compressor and the gun, you need to pay attention to the cross-section of the air hose. The standard sizes of 6mm,8mm, and 10mm. When selecting your ideal air hose diameter requires an understanding of the CFM needs of your air tools. So the HVLP spray guns are better to use 8-10mm hoses; for low-pressure guns, 6mm hoses are enough.
  • Length of air compressor to workpieces: Choosing the proper length of the air hose is an essential thing. It would help to consider the distance between the workpiece and the air source. Because the space will affect the absolute air pressure, it will cause air pressure loss, reducing the final spraying air pressure and affecting the spraying effect.
  • Application: The air inlet pressure and air consumption for automotive spray guns and woodworking spray guns are different, so the choice of air compressor will also be other. You need to read the parameters carefully before you can use them.
Factors for selecting air hoses

The budget of the air compressor is vital for the coating system. Due to the high air consumption of HVLP, the power requirements of the air compressor are high, and the cost goes up. That is why this spray gun is used less and less in the market. The medium- and low-pressure guns make up for the disadvantages of HVLP and have good atomization. Consumers are more willing to buy this gun and save their overall budget.

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