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Do you know the air distribution ring in spray guns?

You may be unfamiliar with the air distribution ring, or some call it the air diffuser. It is usually placed between the gun, the nozzle, and the gun body.

Does each gun have an air distribution ring?

Not all paint guns have an air distribution ring as an accessory. It is used in most steam eco-friendly spray guns. But you will rarely find it in industrial guns. The structural design of the spray guns makes the difference. 

How does it work for the air distribution ring?

Function 1: Isolation of primary and secondary airflow

The spray gun has two air streams, the primary airflow, and the secondary airflow. When the gun is connected to an air source and the air adjustment knob is turned on, the direct airflow flows through the gun. And when the fan adjustment knob is opened, the secondary airflow starts to work. The secondary and primary airflow will converge in the front section of the nozzle and pass through the small hole in the atomization cap to form the corresponding pattern. And the role of the air distribution ring is to isolate these two streams of air so that the atomization can be appropriately included and does not affect the work of the gun.

Function 2: Allocating the flow of primary and secondary airflow

When the compressed air enters the flow channel from the end of the gun, it will be proportioned by the holes on the air distribution ring. To atomize the liquid into an ideal pattern, make the primary and secondary airflow at specific air pressure. 

Most standard air distribution rings are made of plastic, which can cause corrosion and deformation when exposed to paint for a long time. And when cleaning the gun, you need to remove it to prevent any paint residue from affecting its use. Some built-in ring replacement is not very convenient, and they usually need to use particular tools.

How to move and replace the air distribution ring

Step1: Remove the air cap, turn off the paint adjustment knob, remove the spring, gently pull down the trigger, pop out the fluid needle, remove it carefully, and then remove the nozzle with a special wrench. Pay attention to this process, and be careful to avoid irreversible damage.

Step2: Remove the air distribution ring with a unique tool. Grasp the appropriate position on the ring with the equipped grappling hook and remove it with a gentle pull.

Special tool for grapping air distribution ring

Step3: Please reinsert (or replace it with a new) ring after cleaning the surface. Note that the round holes of the air distribution ring are aligned with the pins and secured by hand pressure.

Step4: Install the nozzle, needle, and other objects removed in the first step.

After fully considering the drawbacks and inconveniences of built-in air distribution rings, some spray guns apply to external air distribution rings. It is made of aluminum alloy with sealing gaskets, which significantly improves the sealing and the convenience of replacement.

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