Do you need a digital air regulator for spray guns?

The inlet air pressure will affect the spray patterns and performance so you can find some spray guns with a digital pressure regulator. But the price is higher and could not be more practical. Compared with each other, more consumers will choose an external pressure regulator and ask about the digital and analog pressure gauges. Which is more worth buying?

What is the air pressure regulator for spray guns?

A tool used to measure and adjust the air pressure is usually attached to the end of spray guns. The pressure range is between 0~10 bar ( 0-145Psi).

Why do you need an air pressure regulator for your painting?

  1. Easy to adjust the air pressure according to the spraying effect and the paint’s viscosity.

Before the start of the painting work, it’s necessary to adjust various knobs, the most important of which is the need to set the air pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure value can be. But if you need to spray different viscosity of the paint or additional equipment requirements, the matter could be other. You must adjust the air pressure, fluid volume, or fan knob to achieve the right effect.

2. Easy to observe the change in air pressure

When you finish a small part of the painting work, you may observe whether there is a slight change in air pressure. Sometimes the air pressure is reduced due to the air compressor or hose or some reason, and the recommended inlet air pressure cannot be reached, thus affecting the spraying work.

How to select the proper air regulator?

You need to consider two aspects: Requirements and budget.

Professional car painters will install an air pressure gauge at the end of the gun. It’s helpful for them to adjust the air pressure at any time and not to set it frequently when they do a lot of painting work so that they will choose the electronic air pressure regulator, set it to the correct value, and then work. But for DIYers or novices, it is more convenient and economical to choose analog.

Budget is also important when choosing an air pressure gauge. The ultimate goal of a digital or analog air pressure regulator is to provide proper air pressure to get the job done quickly. A good quality electronic air pressure gauge costs about $50-$150, while a mechanical gauge costs $20-$100. You get what you pay off. A good air pressure regulator will last more than a year, but if you choose a cheaper product, you may need to replace it often.

Comparison list between digital and analog air pressure regulator:

Digital air pressure regulator:


Handy controls, easy to see

High precision


Easy to damage, cause the inaccurate value

Need to replace battery often

High price 

Analog air pressure regulator:


easy to install 

Low price 


Not durable

Dial is easily broken or fogged and blurred

You can see that almost every professional painter will equip an air pressure gauge for each lovely gun. There is a huge market for air pressure gauges as a consumable. You can buy good quality electronic pressure gauges, but many people will choose the cost-effective mechanical ones.

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