The three most essential adjustments for paint spray guns

Whether using the spray gun is a dozen or several hundred dollars, you can’t spray ideally without pre-testing. Professional painters will adjust the air pressure and observe the shape of the spray and atomized particles before starting paintwork.

Today we will explain the three final adjustment parts of spray guns.

Usually, manual paint spray guns have three adjustment sets: Fluid adjustment set, Air adjustment set, and Fan adjustment set. How are they?

  • Fluid adjustment set

The fluid adjustment set is composed of a fluid needle, spring, needle sleeve, and knob to adjust the volume of paint. When turned clockwise, the flow rate will become smaller and vice versa. When we turn the paint knob fully open, the gun discharges the maximum amount of paint. And if completely closed, only the air knob open, the gun can be used as a dust blower. Though the fluid knob can directly control the paint in the gun, and when spraying a small area of objects, thumb the knob rotated clockwise to reduce the volume and save the material.

  • Air adjustment set

The air adjustment set comprises a valve needle, spring, and knob to adjust the airflow rate. It is usually located near the air inlet fitting in the bottom, but some are designed in the upper part, near the fluid adjustment set. Painters always turn on the knob and keep the gun running properly. The air regulator is connected to the bottom of the air nipples. You can easy to adjust the air inlet pressure with it.

  • Fan adjustment set

The fan adjustment set is made up of a needle, spring, and knob and is generally located in the upper part of the gun but will vary depending on the design of the spray gun. You will see it mounted on the side. If you need a round pattern, you can thumb the knob counterclockwise tightly while opening the paint knob. Congratulations, you get a round spray shape, but the paint particles are more coarse and thicker this way; The Flat pattern is a more common graphic. You can open the paint knob for two turns. This time the width is the largest, and the atomization is fine.

3 adj. of a spray gun

I wonder if you have this question when purchasing a spray gun. Why is the fan adjustment knob designed on the side? What is the purpose?

Actually, it is not much practical. This design’s advantage is allowing the usual right-handed painter to operate the knob with one hand, saving time. But this design can reduce the gun’s weight. So when the operation, painters do not feel tired. The only drawback is that it is not left-handed friendly.

Flexibly adjusting the various adjustment groups of the gun allows it to spray multiple types of paint, saving costs and avoiding waste!

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