The difference between die-cast and forged aluminum for spray gun bodies

Most gun bodies are made of aluminum on the market, but there are two types of aluminum depending on the processing difficulty and requirements. One is a die-cast aluminum gun body used for conventional spraying guns, and the other is forged aluminum used in high-end spray guns. Today we analyze what the differences are from each perspective.

The processing method is the main difference.

The processing of die-casting is melted aluminum, injected into a one-piece mold, and can be finished after cooling. At the same time, a forged gun body requires a whole piece of aluminum to be pressed or pounded to create the desired shape. There are four parts for forged gun body mold: Initial forging, forming, fine forging, and edge cutting.

Durability and toughness

Die-casting of the gun body in the process will have air or impurities in the internal. Due to the cooling time and uneven liquid factors, the molding of the gun body is easy to have air holes and cracks, affecting performance and service life; forging of the gun in the process of pressurized pounding, strengthening the hardness and durability of the gun body.

The comparison list of these two types is below.

Anodized forged gun body
Plated die-casting gun body
Surface finishAvailable for Anodizing, plating, polishing, TeflonAvailable for plating, polishing, Teflon
ProcessingOne-piece aluminum in solid form by hemmering and pressing, to creat the desired shapeAluminum is melted and forced into a mold made in the shape of desire items
Component of the mold4 Parts: Initial forging, forming, fine forging, trimming1 entire part
Cost of the moldMuch costLess cost
Pros1. No voids in the internal, excellent sealing, more durability and toughness.
2. Flexible surface treatment, looks advanced, good touch.
3. Dedicated to name-brands spray guns
1. Simple processing
2. Low cost
Cons1. Mold and raw materials cost more.1. More voids and impurity in the internal, easy to crack and leakage
2. The surface peels off easily once scratched or crash
Comparison list of forged aluminum and die-casting aluminum gun body

The gun body material will affect the quality and performance of the gun. Forged gun bodies will be used to make high-end guns. The finish gloss and performance will be better than die-cast regardless of the feel. On the other hand, Die-cast gun bodies are suitable for economic spray guns, which are cheaper to build and are accepted by mostly beginners or DIYers.

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